Before and After Lombardy hotel interventions

Before and After Lombardy hotel interventions


The noted Marie Burgos Hospitality Design Studio was recently asked for a second time to create new, updated decor for two guest suites at Manhattan's renowned Lombardy Hotel. Each suite includes a living room, a master bedroom and an en-suite kitchen and master bath. 

Suite #1: Studio with mini bar and en suite bathroom 

The clients are based in Europe and come to New York several times a year for business and pleasure. They wanted bright, open contemporary spaces that they really could call their home away from home. They also wanted comfortable, sophisticated suites that other Lombardy guests staying there when they are away would find equally pleasurable. 


Throughout a distinctive Feng Shui approach was used by deftly layering five essential natural elements -- wood, earth, metal, fire, and water.

20180525-185A7828 (1).jpg
20180525-185A7788 (1).jpg


At first Burgos and her team were confronted with two suites with dated 80s styling ......old frayed carpeting, unflattering shades of beige throughout, and worn furnishings that reflected the style of a much earlier era. 


Living room- open kitchen


Serene color pallets in subtle shades of gray and blue were carefully selected to create an atmosphere of ultimate comfort. This provides a soothing backdrop for the precisely considered balance of curves and straight lines, hard surfaces and straight ones found in the furnishings of each of the rooms. The atmosphere is further enhanced by different types of lighting that can be subtely modified to vary the mood of any of the rooms.

We replaced tired carpeting by a warm oak wood flooring throughout the whole space to create a cohesive decor and make the space feel larger. This was also a very durable and clean solution.

We replaced tired carpeting by a warm oak wood flooring throughout the whole space to create a cohesive decor and make the space feel larger. This was also a very durable and clean solution.


The kitchens and baths were also given much-needed make-overs. Dark, heavy cabinets were removed -- in some cases they blocked the view into the other rooms and access to natural light. They were replaced with modern, clean line white cabinetry along with the addition of modern fixtures and appliances. 


Suite #2:




By Anais Gibaud

Our Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman at the Designers’ Muse event by 1st Dibs

Our Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman at the Designers’ Muse event by 1st Dibs

New york is a fabulous design platform to showcase and celebrate art and design! During the month of May, it is even more exciting for the design world.  While we were exhibiting our new collection of light fixtures and furniture pieces, at the ICFF Show,  1stdibs contacted us! 

1stdibs is THE Number 1 online purveyor of antiques and one-of-a-kind furniture, decorative accessories and collectible objets d’art! 

They had a fun project inside an airy West Chelsea photo studio called:

“The Designers’ Muse”

Max Lakner 

Max Lakner 

Max Lakner 

Max Lakner 

 What was it all about?


Three designers were asked to build and create the idea of a room using only a chair, a table, a light and wall paper from the 1stdibs platform. 

Designers Ernest de la TorreShawn Henderson and Drew McGukin were the 3 interiors designers up to the challenge! And they all created remarkable spaces using only four furniture pieces!


“The vignettes that grew from those ingredients were surprisingly complex in their variety of shapes, colors and moods. Who says interior design isn’t an art form?” 

The Study

Max Lakner 

Max Lakner 

Drew McGukin's Vignette 


Drew McGukin created a Neo Deco nook using our Cayenne Lounge chair and Ottoman with warm, metallic tones! 

The Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Drew McGukin's vignette Credit Max Lakner 

The Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Drew McGukin's vignette Credit Max Lakner 

 Drew McGukin

“The cornerstone of my vignette is about the intersection of shapes and materials,”


Drew McGukin

Marie Burgos’s rust-toned Cayenne lounger looks like the perfect spot to kick back and read (..) with a dirty Martini!"

The Study



Get the total look:

Written By Anais GIBAUD 












— Includes Striking Re-Interpretations of Classic Mid 20th Century Designs —


The noted interiors and furnishings designer Marie Burgos —— is introducing to her Marie Burgos Collection two distinctive new seating options with corresponding ottomans at this year’s ICFF, Booth #2271.

The Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman are a deft homage to mid 20th century design. Ms. Burgos has taken the clean lines that defined seating designs of that era and given them a luxurious new simplicity. The plush upholstery — available in a full range of fabrics in multiple colorations and textures — plays out stunningly against the curved lines of the wooden arms and legs in a gleaming lacquer finish.


The Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The Milo Arm Chair and The Milo Bean are a colorful, curvy duo designed by Marie Burgos to be used together with The Milo Bean serving as a comfortable ottoman. Or The Milo Bean can be carried anywhere……the ultimate in portable seating. Both are available in a wide range of plush fabrics. The Milo Arm Chair features twin bent wood bases and legs in luxurious lacquer and varnished finishes, while The Milo Bean has leather accent handles for easy carrying.

Milo Armchair and Milo Beans 

Milo Armchair and Milo Beans 


Also new to the Marie Burgos collection is Milo Bench, complimenting the Milo Bean.

The design includes the same easy-to-grab leather handles for easy mobility. The Milo

Bench can be used in an entrance hall, as a footstool, and as a colorful 48” 2-seater in a playroom. The Milo bench is available in a variety of sumptuous velvet fabrics or COM.



Ms. Burgos is also showing lighting designs, one of which appears in the March/April issue of Traditional Home magazine, and a unique collection of lounge pillows, While the Marie Burgos Collection incorporates global design influences, Ms. Burgos is just as often inspired by traditional designs from her native Caribbean island Martinique.

Le Tray Table is an outstanding example. It was inspired by a traditional carrying vessel found on the island until Ms. Burgos gave it a fresh new contemporary interpretation.

Le Tray Coffee Table 

Le Tray Coffee Table 


Designs from the Marie Burgos Collection are available by custom order through her website.



For those who have not heard about Dale Chihuly, watch out because his work of art is truly breathtaking! 

He is globally renowned for his ice, water, glass, and neon installations in public spaces, as well as exhibition, and he has presented in museums and gardens worldwide! 

He studied Interior Design, but as his obsession for glass took over, he developed and mastered the techniques in such a way that he has now led the avant-garde in the development of glass as a fine art.

Chihuly’s lifelong fascination with glasshouses has grown into a series of exhibitions within botanical settings. Here are some of our favorite installations: 

For more information about Dale Chihuly and his art, please visit

Harrisson St, Seattle, WA




Each year the Interior Design Best Of Year Award honors the most significant work of the year and most recognized designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe.

This year, we have subscribed the Le Tray Coffee Table for the Furniture Category, and we are very grateful for all of the support that we have received from all of you! 

As they have recently closed their subscriptions for 2017, we were very curious to see the winners of the best Architectural Pop Up Installation from last year! 

Canada Olympic House by Yabu Pushelberg

Photo credit

The entire interior had to be installed within a timeframe of under two weeks. Although it was well outside their usual realm, and bound to an “extremely constrained budget,” it presented a chance to show that creativity doesn’t depend on dollars. “The Canada Olympic House celebrates the transformation of simple, readily available objects and materials to express a verve and vitality unique to this time and place,” the duo says. “We wanted to surprise people.”


Story Pod by Atelier Kastelic Buffey

Photo Credit


The Story Pod is a community-supported lending library designed by Atelier Kastelic Buffey (AKB), it is helping to invigorate the Town of New Market. The pod, placed on the edge of a prominent, recently completed civic square, in the heart of the town’s historic district, continues the municipality’s plan to use contemporary design as a means of creating a lively, current-day hub for gathering within the leafy, quaint setting. 

HAZE by C&C Design Co.


This is an interactive art installation which with several boxes to the heart connected each other. The white fog effect from gradient laminated glass makes people have the feeling of nothingness. In addition to the ecological sense of haze, it also hopes to express relations about people and virtual world, it is another kind of invisible "haze," which is also surrounded by e-commerce and virtual social, people indulge in it and ignored the daily life around themselves, even neglected irrigation to the reality life. The designers hope to arouse people’s reflection of this state when they are in the experience of this situation.


WithMe Chicago by Giorgio Borruso Design 2016 WINNER


WithMe in Chicago is a 3,000 square foot mobile retail space designed. The mobile unit challenges traditional models of retail architecture by allowing innovative brands to inhabit a technologically advanced space for a brief period of time providing scalability, rapid deployment and testing of new ideas in any market.

The interior is comprised of various interactive elements that blend online and physical experiences. Shapeshifter is a kinetic wall that exhibits a new way of thinking about spatial boundaries, adaptable reactive merchandise display, and personalized digital communication.  Advanced fixtures like the ReacTable provide interactive product information by placing merchandise along the display surface, while telescopic fitting room enclosures blend ancient natural materials with the technological. Mirror displays and mirror-clad fitting room cabinets allow visitors to request and purchase products to try on in-store as well as browse online inventories for same day delivery. An Express Checkout Kiosk allows customers with the ShopWithMe app to swipe and pay on their way out. Read more

Best tips to preserve the natural beauty of granite in your home!

Best tips to preserve the natural beauty of granite in your home!

Granite Countertop by

Granite Countertop by

Granite is one of the finest natural stone materials that can be used in the home. It offers luxurious shine and richness of colour, as well as the practical benefits of outstanding durability. From countertops to floors and fireplaces, granite presents a unique beauty wherever it is used.

Bringing grounding energy and balance to your home

Granite Floor by 

Granite Floor by 


But not only does granite give aesthetic pleasure; it can enhance the feng shui in your home by acting as an earth element. In a kitchen, the earth element helps to ground the fire from the cooktop and metal from the tableware, and in a bathroom it helps to bring tranquility and peace to an area dominated by water. This diverse material can create balance and relaxation in any room.

Preserve the beauty

Credit by the Review Guru

Credit by the Review Guru

To preserve the natural beauty of granite and its positive energy, it’s important to follow a few simple care rules.


  • Seal your surfaces

As with all natural stone, granite is porous and will be susceptible to stains unless it is sealed. Sealing is a simple and inexpensive process which should be repeated regularly. Ensure you choose a recommended sealant that will penetrate the surface deeply. The best sealants will keep out moisture, so preventing the buildup of mold and bacteria, and resist the penetration of oil, the number one stain culprit of stone countertops.

  • Use gentle cleaners

When the surface is sealed, you shouldn’t need to use anything more than soap and water for day-to-day granite cleaning. If you require something a little stronger, ensure the product contains no bleach or other strong chemicals that could dull the highly polished surface. And don’t forget to always use a soft cloth and wipe dry with a chamois leather to keep the shine.

  • Mop up spills immediately

Whilst sealed granite is difficult to stain, an abrasive substance can leave a dull mark if it is left in contact with the surface for a prolonged period of time. Watch out for foods left on kitchen countertops such as citrus fruits, vinegar and cooking oils.


  • Use mats

Protect your granite surface, using coasters for red wine, chopping boards for preparing food, and heat pads for hot pans. Whilst granite is heat resistant, there is a small risk of hairline cracks forming from temperature differences when a hot pan is placed on the cold stone. Using mats will give added protection.


Treat with respect!

A little care and attention as outlined above will ensure your granite will be a long-lasting presence in your home, offering majestic beauty and style, as well as a natural balancing element that helps create peace and relaxation.


Written by Jenny Holt 


Stone is a natural material that is commonly used in the design field to help bring warmth and character into a space. Each piece of stone has its own personality and charm, based on its color and texture. Decorating the space with stone is also a good way to bring in a sense of nature connecting the outdoors with the interior. In an interior space, stone could be used many different ways - it could be used as a beautiful counter top in the kitchen or it could be used a gorgeous flooring in the living room. There is no limit to what stone could be used for in any interior. Here is collage of different mood images that relate to stone and how it can be used to decorate any space.

Merging Your Style

You and your partner have made the big decision to move in together - whether starting fresh with a new marriage and a new home, or just simply finding ways to live as one successfully, every couple goes through the same when trying to merge their individual styles and create a cohesive look that feels like a warm and inviting home. Neither couple wants their taste, or even their "things" to feel displaced, so it is important to work as a team to find the combined look and feel that reflects each person's unique style, while incorporating those personal items that matter most. Here are some helpful tips to finding your new couple design: 

Young couple  taking selfies in their new home

Pinterest Together

Talk together about the looks that you both are drawn to, and then search Pinterest for designs and styles that can help to shape your end result. Seeing it come together by someone else is sometimes all it takes to bring that inspiration to reality in your own home.

Pick a Designer or Designers to Follow

Find your favorite designer whether online, on Instagram, on HGTV, and explore their work. See how they bring their rooms to life and then do the very same! 

Choose a Color Palette

We talk often about the importance of color and many times that can instantly spark the creativity for the rest of the room to follow. Visit your local home improvement store and grab every color swatch that you both are drawn to. Most of the paint companies offer an online room decorating tool to see the colors more closely, and then once you have narrowed down your top favorites, truly paint them on the wall to see exactly what you are in for before you commit fully. 


Don't forget the details! Whether it's his favorite Star Wars collectible, or your favorite vintage throw pillow, find the place for the details but do it tastefully. As with everything, less in more, but your room should have your very own personality and a voice that speaks to those who lovingly call it home. 









There are three types of people in this world: people who go to restaurants for the food, people who go to restaurants for the atmosphere, and people who go to restaurants for both the food and the atmosphere!

For the experience to be truly memorable, all of the senses need to be engaged: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing.

That’s not to say that a hole-in-the-wall burrito stand won’t have the most authentic burritos you’ve ever tasted, but for some people a well-designed restaurant space is the finishing touch to the perfect dining experience.

The patron’s experience in the restaurant is impacted by the flavors of the food, the restaurant’s aesthetic, the variety of textures at the table, the aroma seeping from the plates of food, and the ambient music that muffles neighboring conversations.

Living in New York City for the summer has given me a taste of the divine food selection and engaging atmospheres that NYC offers. Out of the dozens of restaurants I dined in, there are two that were extraordinary.  

 Aunt Jake’s

Make your way to Little Italy, and you will find a hidden gem, Aunt Jake’s. Don’t let the restaurant name fool you, it is most definitely an Italian restaurant. On top of a beautiful, herringbone wood countertop you’ll see fresh pasta prepared in a variety of shapes. Out through the sliding barn doors is the atrium dining area where natural sunlight pours in and illuminates the entire restaurant. 




If you are a fan of street art, then you are going to love the ambience of Vandal. Located on Bowery in Nolita, the restaurant has installations that use different mediums and techniques that explore the possibilities of street art. Stop in for a full dinner or order a variety of tapas to engage your palate. 

Restaurant photos: , Food: me


So, what are you waiting for? Book your reservations and head down to lower Manhattan to fill your senses with delicious, local tastes and the beautiful dining ambience of New York City.

Written by Kayla Robilio 




No doubt wallpapers, like a painting, can communicate profound emotions! Because when it comes to wall coverings, the possibilities are endless!

We were mesmerized by the creativity of this Italian company called Glamora .  

Below you will see how those graphic and visual wallpapers can completely transform spaces bringing texture and volume! 

Glamora's Wallcovering collection are a perfect example of how wallpapers can provide architecture with an extra dimension: Storytelling.

Brick wall covering - Credit Glamora 

Brick wall covering - Credit Glamora 

An enlarged piece of leaf gives people the opportunity to look into a magnifying lens to observe nature in a different way. Bringing a piece of calm and live at the same time.

Four Season By Glamora. 

A room in the room. This full scale three-dimensional image not only increases the existing space visually, but also creates a unique atmosphere and leads you to travel back in time.

Mundus by Glamora

Mundus by Glamora

Written by Yujie Ji