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A coffee bar can add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, whether you’re an avid caffeine enthusiast or simply enjoy the occasional latte. From a simple counter station to a full-blown coffee corner, it’s easy to create your very own space to fix breakfast, make coffee, and store kitchen accessories. Impress your guests and have a caffeine break in the comfort of your very own home by building a coffee bar for your kitchen




Plan Your Budget

When planning any home remodeling venture, it's important to consider costs before diving into a new project. You should consider how much you're willing to spend on your coffee bar so that you can plan accordingly. There are several expenses that you may have to take into account, including contracting, remodeling, and redecorating costs. If you want to stick to a limited budget, you may want to consider a low-cost project such as repurposing a bookshelf or cart into a small coffee corner.

Size up Your Space

Just because you live in a loft or a studio doesn't mean you can’t enjoy the perks of having your own coffee bar. No matter how large or small your living space is, it’s easy to make space for your strong morning caffeine break. While larger homes may be able to install a full bar, smaller areas can opt for smaller coffee carts. You can even convert empty shelves and closets into a coffee nook.



Find Your Materials

Many coffee lovers already have much of what they’ll need to create a home coffee bar, but you may want to invest in additional equipment to create a truly one-of-a-kind space. In addition to tools such as espresso makers and French presses, furniture, lighting, and unique art pieces are all important elements when designing your coffee bar. You may also want to have a supply of your favorite spices and syrups on hand to serve with your beverage

Set up Your Bar

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, you can set up your bar. Install your countertops, arrange your furniture, and wire electrical equipment so that everything is as you like it. Complex jobs such as full-scale bar renovations may merit the assistance of professional contractors.


Credit Café Apostrophe

Credit Café Apostrophe


Decorate to Your Tastes

There are countless ways that you can decorate your coffee bar to create a relaxing and harmonious space in your kitchen. Add some color with a touch of paint, or buy some patterned mugs to spice up the room. Black and white is a chic theme that goes with pretty much any design and can be combined with bright colors to create bold highlights and accents. You can also cultivate a coffee-shop feel for your home bar by installing an authentic chalkboard wall to announce the drink of the day.

via desire to inspire

via desire to inspire

Credit: The cozyspace.

Credit: The cozyspace.

Written by Jenny Holt 



We expended the foot print of the original kitchen by 8 feet and integrated a new glasses and a panoramic window over the new sink.
2016-01-15 15.12.07.jpg
Welcome to this brand new kitchen, a spacious place perfect for entertaining and family time.
 3D render of the Kitchen ! 

 3D render of the Kitchen ! 

By Anaïs Gibaud 




The narrowness of the space called for streamlined furniture pieces, and this was a problem that we solved  by designing a custom-made dining room banquette.

We added a very modern element: the blue leather, but also some warmer elements such as the walnut cabinetry, which hosts extra storage on one side and a fun bar on the other.  The leather was used on most of the seating furniture pieces (sofa, kitchen chairs, leather banquette) for durability as the clients have a lovely dog.

We added a lot of lighting so the space would not be dark as the dining room is located at the center of the apartment.


It is a very modern style kitchen with some classical lines with the Carrera Marble that wraps around with waterfalls on each side of the island. 




Colors that pop

Using bright colors in interiors can be intimidating and overwhelming, but if used in moderation pops of color can bring an eclectic flash of excitement. Take a peek at these extraordinary uses of bold paint colors.

Using old-fashioned doors as decoration is a great way to add interest to any room, but paint it an electric blue and you have a double dose of genius.

The muted birch tree wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for the jaw-dropping vibrant orange headboard.

These ornate dining room chairs are adorned with lime green paint. Amazing combination of traditional and modern.

Fiery red paint engulfs this room of all white furniture and accessories.

A strong robin’s-egg-blue kitchen table grounds the room as the airy light fixtures and lightly dusted blue walls construct a soft atmosphere.

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Modern and Manly!

Kelly Reynolds Interiors knocked this bachelor pad out of the park.  A stunning mix of practical style and one-of-a-kind features this loft in Vancouver, Canada, is the perfect location for entertaining.  Beyond the immediate beauty of the exposed brick wall and the 9-foot windows is the extraordinary detail, such as the built-in beer trough and a bio fuel fireplace. Sleek materials provide a contemporary space while the natural fiber upholstery infuse a certain coziness. This space is certainly a conversation starter!

Entertainment inspired beer trough. Genius!

A rugged block of wood serves as the perfect macho coffee table.

Comfy seating area snuggles up to the bio fuel fireplace.

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A Black & White Design Affaire

Black and white is a very celebrated contemporary design trend. Black and White is classic and classy!

A Black and White design can also be called a Yin and Yang Design. Yin & Yang are these two opposite natural  forces such as day and night, hot and cold,  sun and a moon which both need to exist... In the Tai Chi Yin & Yang symbol, both sides come together as one to create balance. I believe that Black and White are these two colors which by their very essence create a positive and a negative, a mat and a shiny  and a hard and soft look and come together elegantly to create harmony in a space.

Many designers have created amazing, sophisticated and timeless designs just using these two colors. Let's discover some fabulous examples together...

Above, a very chic contemporary black white style home design photographed by Moris Moreno. Lots of great contrasts, with soft and hard surfaces as well as mat and glossy objects. Also, the introduction of natural elements such as wood sticks, flower, the horses paint really ties everything together harmoniously.

This black-and-white duo is both flirty and sophisticated! Two floor-length mirrors complement the black wood-framed bed and highlight two glass chandeliers. Above the bed, three floating shelves allow for space to display photographs or other favorite accessories.

Here you can see a glimpse of Nicky Hilton’s 1950/ Rockn'roll LA home decor which she has arranged herself with the help of her designer grand mother. One of my favorites... She has also found this vintage Chanel serving tray. What an amazing find! So Stylish! - Instyle Magazine

The home of Anna Sui, fashion designer is also full of sophistication! Her elegant powder room features a black lacquered vanity with matching framed mirror, white subway tiles and  cashmere  style wallpaper.

Ice Wharf- Black and White Interior photo by fabulous photographer Ken Hayden. Love those black painted beams against the crisp white ceiling! They really make the room.

Fashion designer Naeem Khan created a simple black-and-white dining space illuminated by an elegant crystal chandelier. The visual impact came from intricate embroidery on the white linen chair covers and a highly decorative black linen table covering.
At the Diffa dining for a design benefit. So beautiful!
A beautiful Black and white combination in this vintage style bathroom via apartment Therapy. Love the cast iron tub... but kind of grey... isn't it?!
Very dramatic white/black contrast in this lounge space! It is all about the impact.
Wine barrel chandelier, black round pedestal table, ivory linen sofas, limestone fireplace, black & white pillows, flat screen TV, built-ins cabinets and shelves,white & gray drapes, nesting accent tables, and brass floor lamps. Classy interior! Michael Graydon Photography
Love this shiny, bright kitchen with crisp white kitchen cabinets, sleek black granite countertops  and black & white glass tile backsplash! Love the natural roman shade stained black, crystal chandelier and white leather modern counter bar stools! It is such a Candice Olson design signature!
Love this bedroom!  It is so well balanced!  It adorns chic Black headboards, hotel bedding with black ribbon border trim, fluffy black pillows, black & white bedding and bolster pillows. Even the Piero Fornasetti decorative wall plates vertical art gallery is black and white! Finally, this little  glossy black lacquer nightstand is a great find!  With the mirrored lamp with black shade and white black green rug this room really looks well put together. via coco + kelly
So now, let's just seat and relax together in this comfortable black and white living space, with a touch of turquoise, to contemplate all these elegant interiors one more time and discuss which one do you like most...
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The elegance of Arches in Design

There are natural arches like this one from the National Park in Utah

There are ancient and historical arches like these Oman Mosque Marble Arches

Designers and architects also use nature and history to bring or showcase the most exquisite elements to an interior. Arches represent a very architectural home attribute that brings elegance, grandeur and really  uniqueness to a space. There are many styles of arches. They are used in corridors, door entrances and even windows.

Here are some interesting styles and shapes that I trust you will enjoy as much as I do.

These window arches are beautifully dressed with a heavy silky drapes, creating a very luxurious dining room look.

Dining room arch - Design Nathan Turner

This arch opens on a very intimate little dining room. So pretty!

Love this Moroccan window arch style. It is definitely a view on an paradisiac space. A 5 star style bathroom!

A continuity of small door arches are present throughout the whole home here. This is a beautiful Spanish style home.

This master bedroom is filled with beautiful English antiques and breezy, sunny fabrics. The arched doors were added to give easy access to the outdoors. This property is the historical Maddox House in Barbados. Photo via Cote de Texas

Very beautiful moldings dresses up these room entrances giving them a very elegant classic look. Wouldn't you want the same treatment applied to your home doors?

Bathroom with Oriental style Arch - Jeffers Design Group

This all pink Bathroom Design showcases an arch making me dream about the "Tales from the Thousand and One Nights"

Beautiful arch with wraparound pilasters to accentuate the classic look of that pretty living room.

Relaxing living room setting flanked by  a whole wall of arched windows in the most victorian fashion. Just stunning!

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Fun polka dots design looks!

polka dots bench- House Beautiful

Polka dots is a fun, cheerful and flirtatious pattern.  Polka dots have been around for ages but the actual term was born in England in the late 19th century when the polka music was gaining popularity.  And even though there was no actual connection between the dance and the pattern, the name “polka” stuck around.  In modern pop culture, the most famous association with polka dots was established with the 1960’s song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” and while polka dots are used in fashion quite often, polka dot prints in interiors are not such a foreign concept.

Here are some examples of designers interiors using fun polka dots fabrics...

Polka dots bedding - Coastal Living

Polka dots bedroom accessory - Design Hernán Arriaga

Polka dot kitchen backsplash

These glossy glass tiles make a fun polka dot backsplash. The circles are made from the bottoms of wine and beer bottles! This Seattle company, Bedrock Industries, hand makes all of their tiles from 100% recycled glass.

Quilted polka-dot upholstered headboard and bed skirt - Design Robyn Karp

Polka dots Window treatment

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Designing with CHOCOLATE color!


Design your home by dipping it into chocolate, warm browns with toasty overtones that delight the senses and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Interior decorating trends are warming up to chocolate. Rich mochas, dusty cocoas, and deep coffee shades are cropping up in homes, bringing a depth to pallets that had previously been rather cool or just beige...

Banish any idea that dark walls make for a dark, dull room. Darker walls create a more sophisticated atmosphere. And don't be afraid to use a strong color in a small area.


Interior by david Hicks

To balance dark chocolate walls, bring in neutral upholstery, lamps, and accessories. This approach keeps the space from feeling too closed in. Crisp cream colors are a welcome contrast against the chocolate brown.

Here crisp white and a fun mustard color are paired with the chocolate walls in Amanda Nisbet Design

When you decide to bring darker colors into your home its important to counter this with some contrasting colors. Imagine how beautiful a living room or bedroom of rich chocolate browns could be with white accessories and accents. A few simple additions in dove grey or a lighter bisque color can really make a dramatic statement.


Sulky Chocolate Brown walls envelop this beautiful bed in a softness and warmth. It is just so inviting!

Dining Room with chocolate color walls

In this dining area all the dark brown walls that provide such coziness are Bittersweet Chocolate by Ben Moore, in case you were wondering!

The color brown and its lighter cousins in tan, taupe, beige, or cream make excellent backgrounds helping accompanying colors appear richer, brighter. Use brown to convey a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness. Although found in nature year-round, brown is often considered a fall and winter color. It is more casual than black.

Interior by Marie Burgos Design

Here in one of my designs , I have used different shades of browns from deep chocolate brown to lighter browns, bronze and tans.

Chocolate brown kitchen cabinetry

Thanks to Brandon Barre Photography: Gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen! Chocolate brown stained kitchen cabinets shelves and coffee bar, white marble countertops, nickel fixtures, black iron lantern pendant lights, French doors, black crystal chandelier, white dining table with cabriole legs, French dining chairs and soft gray walls.

Another way to bring out the richness of chocolate browns is to add natural pieces such as plants.

Once your design is done, just curl up in your favorite sofa with a nice cup of hot thick italian hot chocolate and enjoy the rich warmth of your home design.

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Arts and crafts Interior Design style


"Arts and Crafts Style brings together clean lines and fine craftsmanship."

Arts and crafts style interior design revolves around finely crafted furniture and interior features - usually of wood.

In the United States, a variation of this style that became popular through the years is called Mission Style.

Arts and Crafts interior elements feature prominent straight lines and a lack of excessive embellishment seen in some other traditional and classic styles. The careful craftsmanship of materials often provides a hint of native culture, particularly in the Mission Style variation which gives a nod to Spanish influence.

Geometric forms of stained glass-like mica establish a strong sense of Arts and Crafts when used for lamp shades, windows or panel inserts in cabinetry.

This style is versatile enough to work within a traditional or transitional environment.


Style Tips:

-Look for wooden furniture featuring a series of square, vertical slats and simple construction.

- Consider an area rug or an accent fabric with a native, southwestern motif. It works well with this style

- Choose a brown based color palette for the more authentic look of Arts and Crafts, or opt for a more contemporary color scheme to convey a less literal look - like the bedroom shown here.

- Add Tiffany style lamps, especially those with pyramidal or rectilinear shades.

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