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Kelly Porter Robin's Egg Blue — Oh, What a Hue!

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As the signs of spring begin to emerge, the season's unofficial bird is beginning to make its presence known. Those fortunate enough might even discover a robin's nest filled with gemlike eggs. Robin's egg blue is one of nature's most beautiful colors and is both cool and refreshing. Here are eight rooms that use the color in inspiring ways.
Also referred to as turquoise and aqua, robin's egg blue is a tranquil color that can be breathtaking in its most saturated form.

Paint pick: Gem Turquoise, Behr

Pale tints of robin's egg blue create a subtle background. Consider this soft color as your neutral when adding accessories. That means any accent color will work, including red.

Paint pick: Swimming, Sherwin-Williams

Midtone shades of robin's egg blue are very similar to the color of the sky. Along with white fabric, this refreshing blue creates an elegant and relaxed mood in the bedroom.

Paint pick: Baby Boy Blue, Benjamin Moore

Create a focal point in your bedroom with a statement piece. In this room, just one dresser introduces a pretty shot of robin's egg blue, demonstrating that a small dose of color can make a big impact.
Create interest in your room by layering different textures and tones of robin's egg blue. In this bedroom, the designer used a soft, muted wall covering along with more vibrant blue textiles.
Deeper shades of the hue look rich and exotic when paired with luxurious finishes such as gold and vibrant accents like russet.
Try mixing robin's egg blue with warm green for a fresh look. This color scheme will give your room flair without too much contrast.
Different shades of warm blue create a very dynamic look in this space. Using floor and wall tile is an excellent way to bring a spalike feel into a bathroom.