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Gramercy Park DiscoVer: Marie Burgos’ Designs The Look Of An Old Converted Abbey


DiscoVer: Marie Burgos’ Designs The Look Of An Old Converted Abbey

// Posted on July 17, 2012 by Jacqueline Colette Prosper

Vendor on Vedere and Feng Shui specialist, Marie Burgos, is going to be showcased in Interiors New York, a coffee table book with an interactive digital component created by Panache Partners. As we await the official release date for the book, let’s look at the recent remodel of an old converted abbey located in the Gramercy Park section of Manhattan.

The loft with 4 levels reflects a modern eclectic style with a touch of vintage—a look that best suited the taste of the creative owners who are also artists. “They wanted a modern white space to be the background of their eclectic styles, [which is] vintage [mixed with] personal art pieces [found during their] travels.”

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

Marie Burgos’ ultimate talent is to engage her skill, experience and intuition in full collaboration with each client to create fully functional, balanced and engagingly beautiful interiors.

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

Feng Shui is an important aspect of Burgos’ work. “Feng Shui is found in designing supportive environments–through the art of placement, which is not only soothing, but propels you towards success,” Burgos asserts.

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

(Photography Credit: Francis Augustine)

As Burgos describes, the creative couple wanted a modern white space, evoking a serene atmosphere, which promotes a positive mood and increases energy levels. “[In such an environment,] you will find it easier to achieve your aspirations,” Burgos adds.

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Modern Wallpapers

Wallpaper today has punch with bright colors and bold patterns. New designs are popping up every day giving consumers multiple options that fit their design wavelength. Utilizing these graphic wall-coverings on one wall creates an exciting focal point in any room.

When the owners of a 4-level loft in Gramercy Park requested a modern eclectic look, I chose a vintage inspired wallpaper to create a funky atmosphere in their music studio. It was just the right touch for this young artistic couple.

Wallpaper Republic has several collections similar in design to what I used in the Gramercy Park remodel. They focus on collaborating with world-class artists and designers to bring a series of collections that are extremely creative. They even allow customization of any design to make it perfect for your home.

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