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Requests from client for final design:        - To give them a beautiful and practical home with feeling of extra space despite the narrowness of the house.

Requests from client for final design: 

    - To give them a beautiful and practical home with feeling of extra space despite the narrowness of the house.

What you see today as a beautiful airy dining room use to be a corridor leading to the staircase and kitchen to the back as well as a Laundry Room. (See the before photo bellow: the 2 left side pillars delimitating the corridor and laundry roomfootprint)




The beautiful grasscloth wallpaper by Philipp Jeffreys sets the tone for an organic and coastal dining space. The chandelier becomes the jewels of this lengthy room when lit and reflects on the silver mirror. Love the original staircase banister that we were able to salvage!

By Anaïs Gibaud



Our latest project took place among the tallest four-sided clock towers in the world!  Constructed in a modernized Byzantine-Romanesque style, the building has been converted into luxury condominium apartments. 

The W. Family contacted us as after they purchased their second apartment next door so they could join them and form one spacious residence. 

As you will see below presented in the Before and After, the space's layout has been completely re-imagined and redesigned to fully optimize the flow and function of each space in the apartment. 

The Dining Room

The Dining Room was previously a shared kids' bedroom, and is now an elegant Dining Room. The colorful, natural and textured wall coverings paired with a fabulous crystal chandelier brings a lot of glamour. The bronze sea urchin wall accents as well as the cowhide rug with metallic finish adds a chic unexpected element to the look. The piano contributes to create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

To see another idea of work, please see the following article from our friends at Top Reveal:

By Anaïs Gibaud



Serve dinner in style!

Say goodbye to formal chairs and awkwardly placed table legs. Dining rooms have been granted a major remodeling.

Over the years, the choices of dining room set styles, combinations and finishes has expanded drastically allowing homeowners to build the perfect nook for their munching needs. Whether serving the families favorite meal or mingling with guests at a dinner party, the dining room is the hub of the house.

This pine trestle table is modernized by the surrounding furniture and the luminous yellow wall color. Benches give the room an open feel while providing expandable seating without the need of a lengthy transformation.

The cozy look of a round table can often be diminished by the limited seating of four to six chairs. Expand the seating of a round table by stashing a love seat on one side.

The wood shaker table is offset with modern metal low back chairs and a high wingback sofa. Together the different lines and heights combine to bring about a beautiful dining area.

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The power of Crystals in design

Rock crystal nugget chandelier - StudioWorkshops ByTherien

Crystals are used in feng shui in a variety of ways, all with one single goal - to create good feng shui energy in your Home.

The word crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos, meaning frozen light. Crystals have been used over the centuries for a myriad of purposes - from healing to protection to decoration.

In Feng Shui, crystals are widely used for the specific energy, or the vibrations they bring to your home or office. For example, the rose quartz crystal is used to attract love and romance, as well as heal a broken heart. The rose quartz crystal emanates specific frequencies that promote heart healing.

Rose quartz cluster

The clear quartz crystal which is one of the most common minerals is also one of the most powerful, multi purpose healing stone. Perfect for raising self esteem, healing wounds and increasing your emotional positive energy. It amplifies, focuses, restores, transforms, empowers and energies you.

Here are some great ways to integrate these natural crystals in your interiors:

An impressive Living room design with crystal chandelier and lots of clear quartz displayed on the dining table. Crystals come in various shapes... clusters, domes and spheres. This is really a lot of vibrant energy! It brings a sparkling lift to this very neutral colored space.

Lots of sparkles in this modern colorful bathroom design by Canadian interior decorator Holly Dyment. I say colorful because despite white walls and white cabinetry, this bathroom looks vibrant with its raspberry shower wall, turquoise and green floor mosaics and flowery shade. Just love it!

Never too many crystals can be used!! First, crystals are great energy. They also add light in a room and  as you can see in the famous London restaurant  Rhodes W1 Restaurant Designed by World renowned British designer Kelly Hoppen, the more crystals the more majestic, luxurious and glamourous!

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The elegance of Arches in Design

There are natural arches like this one from the National Park in Utah

There are ancient and historical arches like these Oman Mosque Marble Arches

Designers and architects also use nature and history to bring or showcase the most exquisite elements to an interior. Arches represent a very architectural home attribute that brings elegance, grandeur and really  uniqueness to a space. There are many styles of arches. They are used in corridors, door entrances and even windows.

Here are some interesting styles and shapes that I trust you will enjoy as much as I do.

These window arches are beautifully dressed with a heavy silky drapes, creating a very luxurious dining room look.

Dining room arch - Design Nathan Turner

This arch opens on a very intimate little dining room. So pretty!

Love this Moroccan window arch style. It is definitely a view on an paradisiac space. A 5 star style bathroom!

A continuity of small door arches are present throughout the whole home here. This is a beautiful Spanish style home.

This master bedroom is filled with beautiful English antiques and breezy, sunny fabrics. The arched doors were added to give easy access to the outdoors. This property is the historical Maddox House in Barbados. Photo via Cote de Texas

Very beautiful moldings dresses up these room entrances giving them a very elegant classic look. Wouldn't you want the same treatment applied to your home doors?

Bathroom with Oriental style Arch - Jeffers Design Group

This all pink Bathroom Design showcases an arch making me dream about the "Tales from the Thousand and One Nights"

Beautiful arch with wraparound pilasters to accentuate the classic look of that pretty living room.

Relaxing living room setting flanked by  a whole wall of arched windows in the most victorian fashion. Just stunning!

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A multitude of little Green Chairs...

I  have noticed that more and more designers use green fabrics or green leather for their chairs designs.

Green is a fun color there are so many shades and it can be paired with white, blue, yellow, red...

Check out the many combinations below...

A little bit of old world with this apple green and white dining chairs.

So glamorous! This yellow-green velvet tufted armchair is the perfect element to Amanda Nisbet's impeccable designs.

Very contemporary and chic looking. It green accent color through out this design makes this little green chair pop!

These matching pair of comfortable tufted armchair create the perfect spot to spend an sunny afternoon by the window chatting...

I love the big tropical leaves design. It is really special!

Very unexpected  these little acrylic and apple green chairs! They look modern, comfortable and bring a lot of color to this white and glass space.

Very elegant forest green fabric!

This little green chair with a very organic shape adds a lot of character to this home office space

Which one is your favorite?

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Zigzag zigzag looks!

Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour, 1950 to Today, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, May 29 - September 13 2009

Turquoise and yellow Dining room- Jonathan Adler

Beautiful white and navy zig zag rug and decor by Jonathan Adler.

Zig zag white & gold wallpaper - Design Erinn Valencich

zig zag rug and Interior by Madeline Weinrib

Love this room all together from the Madeline Weinrib zig zag the Suzani inspired bench fabric from "Dzhambul" from Brunschwig & Fils. (Home ofKrista Ewart featured in Domino, June/July '07)

Jamie Drake's blend of zigzags, blue paisley and blue stripes on the sofa is absolutely masterful.

Yellow interior design - Source Cottage Living

To a softer, wider version on the settee in this beautiful dining room designed by Barbara Howard and showcased in Atlanta Homes magazine.

Sabbe Interior Design made this chevron wall with contact paper! (found viaDesign Sponge)

Interior by Billy Baldwin

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Designing with CHOCOLATE color!


Design your home by dipping it into chocolate, warm browns with toasty overtones that delight the senses and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Interior decorating trends are warming up to chocolate. Rich mochas, dusty cocoas, and deep coffee shades are cropping up in homes, bringing a depth to pallets that had previously been rather cool or just beige...

Banish any idea that dark walls make for a dark, dull room. Darker walls create a more sophisticated atmosphere. And don't be afraid to use a strong color in a small area.


Interior by david Hicks

To balance dark chocolate walls, bring in neutral upholstery, lamps, and accessories. This approach keeps the space from feeling too closed in. Crisp cream colors are a welcome contrast against the chocolate brown.

Here crisp white and a fun mustard color are paired with the chocolate walls in Amanda Nisbet Design

When you decide to bring darker colors into your home its important to counter this with some contrasting colors. Imagine how beautiful a living room or bedroom of rich chocolate browns could be with white accessories and accents. A few simple additions in dove grey or a lighter bisque color can really make a dramatic statement.


Sulky Chocolate Brown walls envelop this beautiful bed in a softness and warmth. It is just so inviting!

Dining Room with chocolate color walls

In this dining area all the dark brown walls that provide such coziness are Bittersweet Chocolate by Ben Moore, in case you were wondering!

The color brown and its lighter cousins in tan, taupe, beige, or cream make excellent backgrounds helping accompanying colors appear richer, brighter. Use brown to convey a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness. Although found in nature year-round, brown is often considered a fall and winter color. It is more casual than black.

Interior by Marie Burgos Design

Here in one of my designs , I have used different shades of browns from deep chocolate brown to lighter browns, bronze and tans.

Chocolate brown kitchen cabinetry

Thanks to Brandon Barre Photography: Gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen! Chocolate brown stained kitchen cabinets shelves and coffee bar, white marble countertops, nickel fixtures, black iron lantern pendant lights, French doors, black crystal chandelier, white dining table with cabriole legs, French dining chairs and soft gray walls.

Another way to bring out the richness of chocolate browns is to add natural pieces such as plants.

Once your design is done, just curl up in your favorite sofa with a nice cup of hot thick italian hot chocolate and enjoy the rich warmth of your home design.

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Have you used chocolate paint in your home? Do you think that you are likely to use chocolate color in your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!

Whole wall mirror effect!

Mirrors bring light into a room, especially when placed opposite an existing window, and can even mimic windows when hung like panels and decorated with window treatments. A large wall mirror becomes a focal point, reflecting back the entire room resulting in a depth of space that makes a living room or bedroom feel expansive.

mirrors as windows

This doubling serves a second purpose in Feng Shui, where a wall mirror that reflects something good or lucky — think a treasured family portrait or beautiful objet d’art picked up on your travels — that positive energy will be doubled, too.

A framed wall mirror blends in nicely with the ceiling moldings...
This room is all about doubling the space. A whole wall of mirrors conceal cabinets for added storage. Clever solution!
This classic fireplace is beautifully framed by a whole wall of mirror tiles.
Patricia Gray
Beautiful dining room design by Patricia Gray where she used a clever combination of glass table , acrylic chairs and an oversized mirror to widen the space.
Patricia Gray
Another very elegant dining room with a huge mirror reflecting the amazing Murano chandelier by Patricia Gray.


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