What discerns the French Parisian style from other designs is its sophisticated and romantically, careless look. 

Even if you don’t live in a Haussmann apartment with elaborate ceiling moldings, original restored herringbone and hardwood floors, you can always mimic this glamorous look by applying these few tips. 


Tip 1

Paint the room with neutral colors 

A monochrome scheme featuring layers of grey or warm linen hues are perfect! 

PS : You can find all those colors at Benjamin Moore

Tip 2

Create subtle texture with luxurious drapery and bedsheets

Drapery: Silk and linen curtains add subtle sophistication to windows that can dramatically change the look of any decor.

Credit Ballard Design

Bedsheets: A luxurious and cozy bedspread is a pre-requisite for any French style bedroom! You should only select from the best textiles: heavenly billowing drapes, rustic linen, fresh crisp white cotton, decadent silk and velvet are all a good investment for your bedroom! Then, just select a color to coordinate with your room scheme. 


Credit The Paper Mulberry 


Tip 3 

Go for at least one antique furniture from this list! 

It could be any of these below - they don’t have to be originals! 
  • Crystal chandelier

  • Imported Chinoiserie

  • A gold antique mirror 

  • A gold frame

  • Any Louis XVI, Louis XV, and Louis XIV chair

  • A Louis XVI commode

  • A vintage desk

  • Crystal chandelier

  • Crystals accessories (vase)


Tip 4 

Go to flea markets   

New York and Paris are famous for their flea markets! Go as much as you can to find visual, interesting items like sculptures, decor, furniture, bric-a-brac, painting, candle holders, vases etc., that have an antique look, and display them. 

Try these as listed on foursquare:   


Tip 5 

Add a fun accent with art

It could be a large abstract painting, black-and-white photography, some sketches, or even children’s illustrations.

Credit Afflante.com

Credit Afflante.com

Tip 6

Create a balance between old world elegance and contemporary design! 

Mixing modernist pieces and juxtaposing them with age and historic pieces is an art! 

This is one of the most important tips! Example: Mix an abstract painting or pillow with a Louis XVI chair. 

A very modern light pendant with an old fashion bed

A modern desk with an antique sculpture….Try it! 


 Credit: Stereofieldforever

Finally! Add an elegant finish with fresh flowers. Again, it does not have to be over the top, the most simple neutral arrangement would do! 


Good luck with your design!!