You and your partner have made the big decision to move in together - whether starting fresh with a new marriage and a new home, or just simply finding ways to live as one successfully, every couple goes through the same when trying to merge their individual styles and create a cohesive look that feels like a warm and inviting home. Neither couple wants their taste, or even their "things" to feel displaced, so it is important to work as a team to find the combined look and feel that reflects each person's unique style, while incorporating those personal items that matter most. Here are some helpful tips to finding your new couple design: 

Young couple  taking selfies in their new home

Pinterest Together

Talk together about the looks that you both are drawn to, and then search Pinterest for designs and styles that can help to shape your end result. Seeing it come together by someone else is sometimes all it takes to bring that inspiration to reality in your own home.

Pick a Designer or Designers to Follow

Find your favorite designer whether online, on Instagram, on HGTV, and explore their work. See how they bring their rooms to life and then do the very same! 

Choose a Color Palette

We talk often about the importance of color and many times that can instantly spark the creativity for the rest of the room to follow. Visit your local home improvement store and grab every color swatch that you both are drawn to. Most of the paint companies offer an online room decorating tool to see the colors more closely, and then once you have narrowed down your top favorites, truly paint them on the wall to see exactly what you are in for before you commit fully. 


Don't forget the details! Whether it's his favorite Star Wars collectible, or your favorite vintage throw pillow, find the place for the details but do it tastefully. As with everything, less in more, but your room should have your very own personality and a voice that speaks to those who lovingly call it home.