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Stainless Steel Kitchens

Stainless Steel Kitchens


Stainless steel was once a material only found in professional kitchens. Then it started popping up as a finishing option on appliances. Now we are seeing stainless steel counter tops and even stainless steel cabinetry. To some, this material may seem cold or clinical, but others appreciate the modern and clean lines. Maybe the real question is, how do you minimize the fingerprints?

Here are a few beautiful stainless steel kitchens.

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

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Kitchen Seating

Kitchen Seating


The holidays are all about spending precious time with your loved ones. And this tends to mark the kitchen as the social headquarters on any food-related holiday. People are buzzing about while conversation lingers in the air. So why not transform the kitchen to include seating? Here are a few great options of how a simple change can mean big seating.

Kitchen Seating
Kitchen Seating

Merging the Kitchen With the Rest of the Home

I have seen the transformation that a house experiences when the kitchen is renovated. As they say, “the kitchen is the heart of a home.” A new kitchen design is often just the thing that is needed to pump more blood back into the circulatory system that is your home.

Making small seem big

I have seen remodeled homes of all sizes. I have seen the difference, in appearance and value that a kitchen remodel can make. Knocking down an adjoining wall will create one big open space, and this alteration invariably gives that home an entirely different feel. It gives the allusion of being in a much larger space, even though the square footage has not changed.

And, it’s not very expensive, nor does it really require many tools or skill. Basically, you’ll need a cat’s paw, maybe a couple hammers and a really strong back. For cleanup however, that’s a whole other story!

Modernizing the outdated

There are some marked differences between East Hampton real estate and Brooklyn real estate, but there is at least one major similarity. Numerous older properties have a lot of charm but are filled with numerous tiny rooms, including the kitchen. Most families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen and living room. They study, eat, and spend time together in these areas. Unfortunately, some kitchens and living rooms are divided up in a way that makes the family feel distant and unconnected. I know I want my home’s living areas to be welcoming and to help bring my family together. Finding a way to open up these divided areas will help encourage that comfort and closeness. Just make sure that your remodeling does not ruin the character of your home.

Replacing a wall with an island is a great way to get rid of that separation between the kitchen and the rest of the home. Some walls are needed in order to support the ceiling, but you can still open up the space by putting a peninsula in.

One major aspect of a room that many people overlook is the trim. Surprisingly, these small segments of a room can greatly affect a home’s feel. A popular trim style is to paint this portion of the room a different color than the walls. This can add some contrast to your décor and can also help merge the style of the rest of the house with your kitchen.

Covering the details

There are other seemingly insignificant details of a kitchen transformation that are often overlooked. Unfortunately, even small details can contribute to the success, or failure, of a remodel. I know I want my kitchen to be attractive, but I realize that, first and foremost, this room must be functional. Kitchens always include space for cooking and cleaning, but a lot of people do not think about the everyday traffic that a kitchen experiences. Think about the placement of appliances, chairs, and entrances – The sink should typically be directly across from the fridge, and your stove should be as far away from the sink as possible.

For folks doing any sort of construction or repair (i.e. removal of a wall), it’s important to remember to patch dry wall holes by mudding repeatedly. This way, you’re not as liable to make these repairs eye-catching.

These details will all influence the setup of a kitchen because they impact how the space is used. You want to make sure that everyday traffic will not interfere with the normal workings of the kitchen.

These general tips are just some of the ways in which a home can be revived through the kitchen. There are plenty more ways in which the design of a new kitchen can merge this room with the rest of the home.


Anything but Bland

It is no secret that color can affect moods, feelings and emotions. Greens can create feelings of comfort, shades of orange may inspire enthusiasm and reds might ignite passion. On the other end of the spectrum, white generates a sense of peace, black denotes strength, while gray is the color of independence. A color palette focused on shades of blacks, whites and grays can be incredibly calming, sophisticated and overwhelmingly elegant.

The home below, located in Sweden, was designed using a Scandinavian style and a phenomenal combination of muted color. This type of design style is so simple, relaxed and enjoyable with traditional charm. The rooms are clean and calculated with groupings of frames casually leaning again a radiator, plain single lightbulbs strung above a black farm-style dining room table and chunky unfinished wood blocks serving as a minimalist coffee table.

Overall, color does not always have to be bright, bold and over the top to be inviting. It can be as simple as black and white (and gray).

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Chalkboard fascinations

A chalkboard or a blackboard can conjure up the images of addition and subtraction or the weekly vocabulary words.  These boards were the very advanced reusable writing surfaces used in the classic classroom. Today these iconic boards have recently been making a black-and-white statement in the modern home.

Simply put, the chalkboard provides practical space for the weekly grocery or to-do list, but who knew these boards could also contribute to the overall design aesthetic? The examples below are brilliant.

This quaint kitchen has several “old-fashion” components such as the tin bread container, apron front farmhouse sink, antique gas stove and the industrial inspired lighting. But it’s the elegant chalkboard that brings the room together for the harmonious “old-fashion” feeling.

The chalk-scribbed box adds a lot of punch to this space. This creative technique of applying chalkboard paint to an accessory versus applying to the walls will certainly generate new inspired executions.

Applying chalkboard paint to an entire wall stirs up quite a buzz and even injects a little humor. Not only can a month long to do list accrue but the dog also has direction to its water bowl. Very clever!

A simple twist on a classic chalkboard.  Create an interchangeable piece of artwork by framing the chalkboard.

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Gorgeously white

The big it phrase these days is “pop of color,” which, admittedly, can provide incredible interest and drama to a space.  But not all rooms require a colorful splash. Instead, the most daring challenge themselves by creating a room full of white.

Chances are a white room was never on your design to-do list but these rooms will certainly change your mind.

This shaker style kitchen has a minimalistic appeal with clean lines, crisp whites and an open flow. Plain English in England uses 18th and 19th century cabinet-making techniques to ensure a classic, long-lasting product.  The cabinetry plus the mute colors come together to create a very elegant kitchen space.

White as far as the eye can see with a few dark wood elements make this room feel warm and welcoming. The room is grounded with a fantastic cross section wood floor design.  At the center of the space is a dark wood round dinning table flanked by chairs draped in flowing slipcovers.  And a bright ornate wood burning fireplace focal point rounds out the room.

With the right combination of white colors, textures and accents a white room can be even more dramatic than its colorful counterparts.

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Colors that pop

Using bright colors in interiors can be intimidating and overwhelming, but if used in moderation pops of color can bring an eclectic flash of excitement. Take a peek at these extraordinary uses of bold paint colors.

Using old-fashioned doors as decoration is a great way to add interest to any room, but paint it an electric blue and you have a double dose of genius.

The muted birch tree wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop for the jaw-dropping vibrant orange headboard.

These ornate dining room chairs are adorned with lime green paint. Amazing combination of traditional and modern.

Fiery red paint engulfs this room of all white furniture and accessories.

A strong robin’s-egg-blue kitchen table grounds the room as the airy light fixtures and lightly dusted blue walls construct a soft atmosphere.

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Admiration and envy

True, renovations can get messy, destructive and noisy but the end result will uplift your daily routine.  This incredible kitchen renovation, created by Maryland designer Kristin Peake, took this home from drab and dull to light, airy and breathtaking.

Undoubtedly, the most drastic improvement is the transformation provided by the white cabinetry and trim.  Immediately the space feels open and ethereal, offering a peaceful gathering zone.  Peake also took the families needs into account by generating several different seating arrangements such as the table in the bay window, high top chairs at the bar and a comfortable seating setup surrounding the fireplace.  A number of additions proved to support the needs of the residents; more storage in the island, rotating water spigot over the stove and farmhouse sink.

Simply put, this renovation provided a reinvention vested in the family’s needs.

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HGTV 2011 Dream House

Nestled away in Vermont’s Stowe Mountain Resort stands the HGTV 2011 Dream House.  HGTV never seems to disappoint and this year is no exception.  This 3,000- square-foot home includes 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a gourmet kitchen any chef would adore.

Inspired by the location, the home’s curb appeal is strikingly rustic but upon closer inspection modern marvels abound.  The architects considered every tiny detail to ensure this home feels warm and cozy in the snowy mountains.

The kitchen features a stunning combination of birch wood, stainless steel and an open floor plan.  A dramatic statement with crisp sleekness makes this kitchen the perfect spot for a gathering.

Inspired by the fall foliage, the gathering room’s color palate bursts with earthy tones providing a comfortable spot to gaze upon the outdoor landscape.

The goal of the master bedroom was to highlight the incredible views just outside the large window.  The magnificent colors of the sunset flood the room making it even more spectacular.

The master bathroom oozes a relaxing spa feel. Carefully planned so the incredible view is front and center whether soaking in the claw-foot tub or steaming in the open glass shower.

HGTV’s team certainly knows how to pull off an amazing home.  With a stunning location, astounding design and practicality, this home has it all.

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Enhancing a small space

Often a small space can pose the biggest design challenge. Never fear, a few techniques can expand your world.

The interior decorating trend of using wallpaper is making a come back. Walls everywhere are getting a much needed facelift, thanks to the updated modern designs and new wall decor products available. When you want to add height to a room, try using wallpaper with a vertical pattern. Instantly, your room will appear taller.

Lighting sets the stage in any room but in a small room it can become the lead.  A small but cozy space is illuminated with the flick of the switch. Use an interesting pendant that casts shadows on the walls to establish an intriguing atmosphere.

The use of magic also tricks the eye and mind to perceive the room as spacious.  The magic of an optical illusions that is. A full length mirror or collection of smaller mirrors bounce the natural light of a room around like a kaleidoscope.

Floating shelves are a modern way to display different items in a clean and crisp way. By eliminating the visual cue of supports the shelves lift up the room appearing open and organized.

When all else fails, camouflage! Hallways are lined with doorways and interesting corners with little wall space to improve the aesthetic. Painting the wall, trim and doors elongates and simplifies the space.

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