The entrance begins outside your door. Check if the entrance is clearly defined, assess

the surrounding environment, keeping it well lit and inviting. Watch out for big trees,

utility posts or roads which are responsible for sending negative energies into your

home. Ideally, you donʼt want to be located in front of a cemetery, a cross road, bar or

any disruptive establishment.

Called the “mouth of Chi”, an entrance is the space where Chi energy initially enters. 

This is also the space where family and friends are greeted. Most important, the front door is where first impressions about your home are formed and the space you pass through following a long day from work. 

This space should feel inviting, bright and free of clutter to allow energy flow to nourish your home and life.

Here are some great Feng Shui suggestions to keep your entrance sending you great energy:

1. Install good lighting which brightens up the space and is aesthetically pleasing.

2. Paint the walls in a light pastel color to bring in more light

3. Place a mirror on one of the side walls in your entry hall to enlarge the space and attract more energy.

4. Keep the entryway clutter free by removing shoes, boxes, luggage, and childrenʼs toys.

5. Display inspirational artwork which provides support for your aspirations

6. Use a console table to hold your keys and exhibit plants or fresh flowers for great energy and practicality.

7. Place a crystal chandelier in a large entry way to speed up the flow of Chi in your space and bounce natural light around the space.



8. Introduce uplighting to lift up the energy  and spirit of a dark entry way. 

By Anaïs Gibaud