Living Room Design by Marie Burgos

Large spaces feel cozier when you can create distinct moments that relate to each other without competing.

Dividing a large space by identifying multiple functions works as long as the areas chosen for each activity add up to a harmonious statement. I like to start by creating a color story, and then figure out how each space in the room can contribute to the telling of that story while maintaining a subtle integrity.

Above, I have created a reading area in a corner of this large living space. Below you can see the main space with entertainment centre and a great statement with an aquarium for my client who is a lover of all the beauties of the sea...

In this space I have also used all the natural elements of Feng Shui which are water, wood, earth, fire and metal.

In the photo below, you can discover another angle of the space which showcases the original features of this home such as the red brick column. It always makes sense to keep beautiful original features.

See the yoga space created which can be used as a fabulous dance floor for entertainment when meditating time is over by just removing the tatamis.

Living Room view on yoga space- Design by Marie Burgos

Hope you have enjoyed it!

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