picture-29 Do you want to change your house? Are you tired of getting up and not only seeing the same faces, but also the same pieces of furniture, the same colors on the walls, the same curtains? We can t advise you to change those faces (that s up to you!), but we can surely recommend a few interior design tips that will make your home unrecognizable. You ll think you ve moved! Follow these simple tips for your main rooms and get on the road to a brand new home.

1. Bedroom. Ever heard of relaxing bedrooms? Wouldn t you want yours to be a place where you can actually rest? Then you need a room where energy can flow and where you can relax and think. But how? Lighting is very important. Windows should be wide and open: if there s a garden outside, take advantage of it; everything green is only good for your mental well being. For your walls, choose light colors, and with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Also, choose furniture that you find comfortable: few will ever get into your room, so it s better to privilege comfort over looks.

2. Kitchen. Kitchens are complex, no doubt. If you want a radical, profound change made to your kitchen, consult an interior designer for tips on specific things that can be modified in it. That way, you ll save a lot of time and money. However, you can make small changes for it to look nicer. A change in the way the appliances look won t hurt. You can swap the dishwasher s covers or paint the fridge, for instance. Also, replace knobs and handles that are worn, or even add a personal touch to cabinets and cupboards.

3. Bathroom. A bathroom is another area that deserves more comfort than looks at least, the one that you use. Many bathrooms have a designer look and feel that give it a sophisticated touch. If you think you re not up to that task, change the basics: a new shower curtain, new towels, new shiny accessories, and objects might do the trick. Buy some fancy soap with a design you find nice, and use some bathroom fragrance to add aroma: the nose can also rejoice in new environments.

4. Living Room. Re arranging furniture can have an amazing effect on your rooms, especially your living room. There are several techniques for furniture arrangement, but usually trial and error works best. This takes time, but do it; it s also a great way to take some time off from daily worries.

5. Other Rooms. A complete house lifting would involve painting. If you have been postponing the painting, then it s probably time you get your hands dirty. If you don t want to do it yourself, just hire someone. Depending on your house, it might take from a few days to a couple of weeks, so plan in advance. You certainly don t want the painter to be still at work on your 40th birthday party!

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