picture-10 The kitchen is the central hub of the home, as the unified need to eat brings friends and family together. Therefore by being probably the most important room in the house the kitchen needs to feng shui’d to make the social centre of your home evoke yin energy by being sunny, cheerful and clean. The Kitchen is a place where family congregates both morning and evening whether it’s having one of your daily meals or planning the day’s events.

The kitchen represents prosperity and nourishment, so how you design the space in your kitchen could actually affect you health and wealth.

To ensure proper feng shui within your kitchen the following guidelines are a great place to start:

1. Choice of color

The colours in the kitchen should support your health and nutrition, therefore use bright sunny colours, or colours of earth elements. Colours such as yellow, which symbolises sunshine, deep browns, terra cotta and orange will give your home a grounded feel. Blue is representative of water and can be very calming whereas is the colour of new wood and represents healing. White which is a metal element can symbolize a clean and calming environment but can be too sterile, so it is advisory to mix some wood or fire elements in with the white to help break it up.

2. The stove

The stove is a fire element of your house and symbolises your homes financial wealth. It is a very important aspect of your home and should always be kept clean ain in proper working condition. The stove and the sink must not be together or face each other, because if they are together the water from the sink will extinguish the fire from the stove which can have a negative impact on your finances.

3. The flora element

Plants and flowers not only look pretty but they are a great way of providing healthy energy to the kitchen. To give healing and harmony to the space in your kitchen it is best to place your botanical items in the corners of the room, between the sink and the stove and on top of the refrigerator. It is also recommended not to have a microwave as they induce an unhealthy eating environment. If however (like most people) you do have a microwave, put a plant nearby to offset the harmful effects. Remember that plants clean and purify the air from harmful energy and toxins and help radiate good chi energy.

4. Light

Lighting is key to a feng shui kitchen and it is important not to have any dark corners, this can include many forms of lights with natural light being the best but if possible avoid fluorescent lighting. If you want to reflect lighting you can place mirrors on the wall which can also increase the feeling of space while also doubling your auspicious energy of the cuisine and the stove.

5. The counter-top

The use of barstools next to an overhanging work-top is always a nice touch as it promotes communication and activity. Countertops made from granite or tile will induce too much energy into your kitchen, therefore placing plants on the surface-tops will help to counterbalance this. Haveing a wood chopping block on the counter will help bring the wood element in too.

6. Clutter

Clutter can block good energy from flowing through your space, therefore it is always important to make sure you kitchen is clean and tidy. i.e. no plates or mail or unnecessary decor. The whole purpose is to simplify your lifestyle and de-stress yourself leaving you to be more organised, relaxed and spend more time on the things you enjoy in life. Do not just remove clutter that’s visible to the naked eye, this means removing old food from your refrigerator and cupboards, throwing out old pots and pans, anything that isn’t in good condition. Do not put pictures of your friends and family on the fridge as this will inundate them with cool negative energy. Make sure your garbage can has a lid to keep the dirty energy in and all cleaning products should be hidden from view.

7. Personalization and decoration

To make the most of your kitchen make sure you personalise the space with items to make it more yin energised. You can do this by adding vibrant coloured artwork, and designs which evoke the wood element. Displaying a full fresh fruit bowl is symbolic of wealth and abundance. If you are intending to install a tile backsplash behind your sink or stove it should have calming colours (see part 1). Cabinets should be clean lined in a white wash, or alternatively use wood elements of mahogany, oak, ebony, wenge or maple to symbolize the wealth chi. To make your kitchen smell wonderful when you are not in there cooking, use all natural beeswax or soy candles, diffusers and fresh flowers. During holiday seasons you can heat some water on a stove with some cinnamon sticks and cloves to make your kitchen smell like someone is baking in it!

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