picture-1 Step 1

BED POSITION Positioning your bed properly is the first important step to feng shui your bedroom. Ideally the bed should hold the "command" position. When you walk into the room, the bed is positioned on the opposite wall. You want the widest scope of the room to be available to you as you lie in bed. You want to see the bedroom door but you do not want the foot of the bed to be in alignment with the door. (Word has it that the Chinese carried their dead out the door feet first, hence the aversion to feet facing door). Avoid placing the bed under a window. If this is necessary, a headboard will help to anchor the energy.

. Step 2

EASY ACCESS In order to send the message energetically that you are wanting to share your bedroom with another, make sure the bed is accessible on both sides. The bed should NOT be placed in a corner. You want to send the message that 2 people are sleeping here (or not sleeping as the case may be).

. Step 3

A PLACE FOR HIM OR HER Place 2 uniform bedside tables with lamps that are of equal height on either side of the bed. Even if you are currently single, it is important to provide a space for your future lover to read, a place for them to set their eyeglasses down, a place for their glass of water. You get the idea. Act as if...

. Step 4

CREATE SERENITY Remove all clutter from the bedroom. No storage under the bed (this creates unwanted stimulation in your sleeping environment even if you can't see it!). Remove your stacks of books and magazines. Too many words = information overload. A book or 2 on the nightstand is fine, just don't overdo it. Of course televisions are not ideal in the bedroom. If you have one, cover it with a beautiful cloth when not in use or store it in the armoire.

. Step 5

WHO'S WATCHING YOU? Remove all religious imagery and pictures of people who can "see" you when sleeping (or not sleeping as the case may be). Who wants to be watched while they sleep or make love? There are some things Grandma or Buddha just should not witness.

. Step 6

SIMPLICITY Keep it simple! Paint the room a soothing color. Warm natural tones are best. Cooling colors can have a cooling effect on your love life! Avoid too many crazy making patterns on your bedding and walls. A Zen-like quality really is best for the bedroom.

. Step 7

COUPLING UP Remove any images that remind you of your single status. It's amazing how many people have things around them that support their single status : pictures of solitary women, lonely winter scenes, empty boats, etc. Replace with pairs of things. You want to be paired up? Place that intention in your space with things that will remind of that! Pairs of candlesticks, pairs of statues, pictures that have pairs of people or animals in them. Think dynamic duo!

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