What is being in "The Command Position"at the office?

You don't need to be the CEO to be in the command position, each of us can and should be in our Command Position. Feeling empowered, feeling safe, being recognized by others and reduce stress are all entities we want to have at the office.


Here are some guidelines for the placement of your desk to be in control of your life at work: 

The position:

Specifically for the office, it is important to face the door.

Avoid placing yourself directly in front of the door but in the farthest corner, in diagonal from the door. It offers the best command position.


The benefits:

Seating in the command position gives you power and control over your space. You can see people coming in and out and are never surprised. It helps with your confidence, your feeling of being prepared and your stress level.


The threat:

 Sitting where you can’t see what is going on behind you makes you feel tense and vulnerable. The consequences can be multiple. You could be in conflict with your colleagues or boss. You also can go unnoticed and passed for promotions and projects that are of interest for you. You can feel undermined. You can also have difficulties concentrating, being productive and bringing projects to their end. In addition, this position creates stress and tension for your back and can affect your health in general.


The solutions:

Of course, it is not always possible to move your desk around because you work in a cubicle or because of the size or shape of the room but in Feng Shui “cures” can be applied to address these issues. 

Ensure you are seating on a solid chair that is high enough to protect your neck and head. 

Put a picture of a mountain in the inside of the back of your chair for support or the picture or business card of your boss to get his support. 

Install a small mirror on your desk that allows you to see who is coming behind you so you are never surprised. 

Make a list of your objectives and goals and display it on your desk so you can read them everyday.


Marie Burgos

Manoblue Design LLC