picture-12 Studio apartments present obvious decorating difficulties that call for great interior decorating tips. The difficulties center around your need to fit the functionality of every room - living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen - into the formality of one room without making it cramped. These design tips are sure to help you out.

1 - Let it Shine

Dark colors tend to make a space feel smaller. When painting your studio apartment, choose an interior color that is light and bright (that doesn’t necessarily mean white). Pale greens are known for their soothing effect and also help to brighten a space. Yellows are also great to make a small space feel larger, cleaner and brighter.

Interior lighting is also a key ingredient. Properly lighting your small space is important. It is also important to choose interior lighting that does not take up floor space. Track lighting, or halogen ceiling lamps are some great options that provide lots of light without taking up space. Also, use interior lighting to separate areas of your studio. Put one set of track lights in the bedroom area and another in the living room area. This will put the focus on the right spot when guests are over.

2 - Dual Functionality with Style

When designing for a studio, dual functioning furniture is great and will save you on floor space. Check out small end tables with bottom storage. Place an end table next to your couch. Add a personal touch with some fresh flowers in a glass vase. Store some magazines or coffe table books in the bottom storage area for your guests to peruse over.

3 - Fold it Up

Not everything in your apartment needs to be out all the time. That is an especially important when decorating a studio. Instead of purchasing a free standing desk, look into purchasing one that folds-up into the wall. Fold-up desks are available in various types of finished wood, and one can easily be found to match your decor. These desks are great for a laptop space, as well as a small buffet bar when company is over.

4 - Keep It Private

Just because you live in a studio, it doesn’t mean that everyone has to always be in your bedroom. Separate your bedroom area from the rest of the apartment with a privacy screen. Privacy screens are available (from very simple to very elaborate) and can easily match, or even enhance, your style and decor.

5 - Increase Your Storage

There is nothing more damaging to good interior decorating than clutter. You could have a perfectly decorated studio, but if you have papers, shoes or clothes laying around, that’s what people will notice. Increase your storage by using hanging shelves. Hanging shelves hang from your closet, and provide about five additional shelves each. Use the additional storage to get your clutter out of sight and stored away. For items that you want displayed, hang some decorative shelves above your couch. This additional shelving is a great way to display family photos, and collectibles.

6 - Keep It Small

The furniture that you choose for your studio should be in proportion to the size of the apartment. Huge sofas or long dining room tables will make your apartment feel small and cramped. Pick furniture that is smaller, such as a round kitchen table, or a loveseat. Dress up the kitchen table with a runner and a centerpiece. Make the loveseat more dramatic with throw pillows that match your color selections.

Use these interior decorating tips as a guide to decorating your studio apartment.

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