picture-5 If you wish to make the small space inside your home look visually larger, then mirrors could just be the right choice for you. Mirrors have been a strong element in enhancing the design of any house ever since they were invented. Having mirrors is also an integral part of a Chinese design system, popularly known as Feng Shui. It has been found that mirrors create positive energy where “darkness” and “ill-health” is dominant. So if you are interested in adding depth and openness to your place, then its’ time for you to consider having some mirrors inside the house.

Here are some tricks that will help you make your room look more spacious and bright:

1. A dark and dingy room can benefit from good positioning of a mirror or a series of them. For example, you can place the mirror on the wall opposite to the window. This reflects the incoming light and brightens up the room thereby giving an illusion of a larger space.

2. Large or full sized mirrors can be placed in the entrance ways thereby giving a sensation of a larger space to anybody entering inside. It is even better to place the mirror on the wall or the walls which the eye catches first.

3. If you have a small bedroom or dining room (which appears cluttered) then placing a wall mirror in these rooms instantly opens up the space. A bed or dining table placed next to a mirrored wall immediately appears larger thereby giving the much needed “feel-big” look.

4. A hallway or stairway can be made to look larger by placing mirrors in staggered sequence on both sides of the walls. You can also hang the mirrors at the ends instead of placing them on the sides.

5. Hanging mirrors in bathrooms is also a perfect way to brighten up the space and add more depth inside the bathroom. If you want to see the back of your outfit or the cut of your hair, then this can be achieved by strategically placing the mirrors in the bathroom.

6. Painting on one wall (in dark color) and hanging a stylish mirror on the other dark wall enhances the visual depth of the room.

7. Lastly, according to Feng Shui you should never purchase poor quality mirrors. You should not keep the mirrors dusty and unclean as it reflects weak “chi” or energy and a cracked mirror should be discarded immediately.

Opening up your home by careful and intelligent placement of mirrors is a great way in which you can add a lot of style, drama and creativity. It will not only make your home look bigger and spacious but will also add a gorgeous wall décor to it.