picture-3 There are many people who suffer from a lack of light in their homes, even when they are relatively large and open. In fact, people with larger homes frequently have more of a problem due to having longer deeper rooms and also areas in the middle of the house that are some way from windows. People can do something about this of course by adding skylight windows, reducing furniture and even restructuring parts of the house to open them up. However, the majority of these techniques require major building work, which lots of people do not want to undertake or don't have the money for. Do not fear though, as here we take a look at some decidedly more simple approaches.

Mirrors. One of the most effective and efficient ways of manipulating light is to use mirrors. This is because they are very efficient at reflecting light, and you can see yourself very well in them. The best way to use them is place mirrors on walls in just the right place to send incoming light from windows, back out the door to other areas. If you can then pick up the light with another mirror placed outside the room, you can move the light even further. Repeat this as necessary throughout the house and it’ll be like having a hundred extra lights around.

Glass. If your goal is not to redirect light, but rather disperse it into lots of different directions then you can glassware. Having wine glasses on tables and even glass vases on shelves with refract light and send it out at all angles giving an all over glow. Another very useful and beautiful way to spread light in your home is by using crystal or glass chandeliers, sconces or pendants.

Combine. For optimal light try combining the two techniques above. Use mirrors to direct light through glass objects such as glass candle holders and then smaller mirrors to pick up the refracted light and move it on. In fact you'll be so taken aback by the extra light you can have in your home for such a small cost that you'll be wanting to optimize family and friends houses as well.

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