Technology is ever-present in every aspect of our lives, but do we ever stop to think about how new advancements in tech developments are being incorporated into our home design?

It is nearly implied in all that we do within today’s consumer marketplace that high tech additions are essential to create the ultimate smart home. Whether we are adding solar technology, devices such as Amazon’s Alexa to bring our environments to life, or even just the biggest and best in large screen TV’s, appliances, sound systems and more, we are continuously adding technology directly into our home design whether we are consciously integrating it or not. So when do each of these technology additions hinder the look and feel of our beautiful home?

For Marie Burgos Design, it is consistently about the harmony of the space and the Feng Shui principles that create a home that is entirely your own. It is a custom feel that goes far beyond the additions of high tech gadgets, yet still realizing that technology does take your home to the next level – it is just all in how it is thoughtfully added into the design of each and every room.

For example, when adding something such as a large screen TV to your living room area, carefully consider its placement, the furniture it may complement, and think of it more of an art piece, rather than merely a device. Technology in the home adds function, capability, custom preference, and impressive modern touches, however, it is still important to make each tech addition a complement to your room and not the main focal point. Allow each element to be a piece that brings life to your space and serves its purpose while still maintaining the integrity of your beautiful home. 

In this Hoboken home completed by Marie below, this is a smart home from the entrance throughout the entirety of the house with elements including the HVAC, security alarm and front door keypad all controlled from the owner's mobile device. The bathrooms also integrate smart technology such as music, iPads, heating, LED lights, shower temperatures, and timed programming. However, as you can see from the room featured here, everything is beautifully incorporated and even the large screen TV blends seamlessly as a piece of the overall design.