Creating a haven of calm in your own bathroom is becoming a life essential with our busy schedules and many responsibilities.  

The bathroom is the place where you can close the door on your problems.  It is where you can be free from outside tribulations, family life and just be yourself.

You can just lock the door, feel a bath with essential scented oils and unwind in hot soaking water, freeing all muscles aches, letting go of all problems and stress of the day and allowing your spirit to redo the world…


Remodeling your bathroom to the latest designs is the big trend in fashion at the moment. Bathrooms are becoming an essential selling feature in Real estate. They are getting more luxurious and more modern and some properties actually hold several of them. 

As Feng Shui highlights it, bathrooms can represent a drain on your finances, especially if they are located in the Wealth area of your home. So if you thinking of adding up a new bathroom to your property, find out if the location would be auspicious for your finances. 

When remodeling your bathroom, think about the different parameters that would give it value, a sense of comfort and bring positive chi energy. Here are some helpful guidelines: 

1-The Location and Layout

Avoid placing your bathroom in the centre of the house so it would allow waste energies and odors to circulate everywhere

Avoid having your toilet or bath opposite your front door, as these are places you need privacy and protection. If you have this layout, place a screen or plants between the toilet or bath and the door. 

Install a mirror on the wall above the sink to expand the energy, especially if there is no window available.

Keep the bathroom door and the toilet lid closed to prevent from the negative draining effect. 

2- Best colors

The best choice of bathroom colors would be pastels shades such as soft pinks, peaches, creams and biscuit tones as they are very soothing.

Pale green is said to help digestion.

Blue links to flowing rivers, oceans, and lakes and can strengthen the flow of water in the room.  

3- Great lighting

Install strong lighting to increase the chi and boost the energy in a humid atmosphere.

A combination of ceiling lights and task lightings for make-up and shaving are particularly effective.


4- Natural materials

Weather you prefer contemporary tiles and rich shiny marble or traditional stones and features, surround yourself with elements that creates your own personal haven.More and more green material is used today. Using Green resources could be your own way to make a contribution to save nature. You could start by displaying a selection of healthy round leave plants to bring more chi into the room and absorb any stagnant humidity.

5- Shapes for best flowing chi

Sinks come in all shapes, materials and styles. You can have a free standing model for a modern design or a vanity sink, which is particularly useful for storage. 

Depending of the location of your bathroom, certain shapes of sinks are more auspicious. Round and curvy sink represent the water element and are ideal for powder rooms by your entrance. Rectangular sinks are associated with the wood element. They are great for the family and prosperity area of you home. Conical sinks are fire element. They best work in the fame area of your home. Square sinks represent earth and are best placed in the marriage and knowledge area of your home. (Ref: bagua to find out about your sink locations) 


6- Clutter free 

Minimum clutter is essential. The most desirable bathrooms are the ones with simple clean lines and an airy feel. To help with the process of de-cluttering your bathroom, here are a few guidelines: keep surfaces as free as possible from accessories and bath products if not in use, empty your medicine cabinet from expired medications, this also helps with health; create a storage system for your bathroom and toilet supplies out of sites in cabinets. 

7- Mood enhancers 

Stylish, attractive bathroom now have a range of accessories that helps create a theme making your bathroom a special place to be. There are visual accessories and senses elements.

You just need to decide of the mood you want to create and choose among the many art work, sea sponges, shells, pebbles for the look and feel. Also choose among the aromatic soaps, essential oils, incense, candles to feel the atmosphere with a wonderful aroma and peace. 

All those elements will fire up the energy of a bathroom and help create the spa effect that you are looking for. They will raise a property value as well as add comfort and luxury to your surroundings.

So just feel up your bath and enjoy a worry free moment in beautiful surroundings where you can let go of all the day, find yourself, clean your soul, meditate on life and consider new plans for the future.     


Marie Burgos

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