Creating Magic with Accent Lighting...

Accent lighting design can give your space a new life and ensure that your original design intension get carry out properly throughout your space.

When people start a renovation project, usually they are looking at all the exciting elements in the space such as the space function, the finishes, furniture, decorative items and general lighting, but often forget about how Accent Lighting can carry out a magical atmosphere. 

There are so many things you should be aware of when choosing your lighting fixtures. The first question you should ask yourself is:  Where you would like people to look at in a space?  Is it the painting on the wall? Is it the sculpture at the corner of the room? Or the texture of your wall? 

In this project, we have installed accent lighting all along the stairs to dress them up. Those are low voltage wall recessed lighting. They not only provide you enough light for safety but also create an interesting ambience in the stairs hall. 


Accent lighting is a great way to illuminate your stairs without using a traditional ceiling light source which usually will cast a shadow while you walk up and down the stair!!

But most of all, it creates Drama and  Magic for the space! 

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