Learn the characteristics that make up today's varied schools of style, along with design tips to ensure you get all the details just right.

You probably have a general idea of the difference between, say, classic and country designs, but a really pulled-together look depends on how you handle the details. Discover a bathroom design guide in the following 3 blog posts for tips on what makes your favorite style unique.

Classic bathroom: Formal, with architectural detail. The masculine bathroom favors stone and fine woods like mahogany while in the feminine bathroom woods are light and tiles small-scale. Fixtures are always decorative.

- In classic style, balance is the key. When in doubt, buy a pair. - Furniture is formal, not fancy, with tight backs and small, rolled arms. - Keep wood furnishings dark and remember longevity of furniture matters more than following the trends. - Make use of classic shapes — urns, columns and pineapples - If you are at odds over choosing a style, decorate to match the architectural style of the room. - Color can be bold or basic, but patterns take a backseat. Classic style leans towards monochromatic or duo-chromatic color schemes. - To conceal scratches on mahogany, walnut or oak furniture, paint over them with a small amount of iodine.


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