Our latest project took place among the tallest four-sided clock towers in the world!  Constructed in a modernized Byzantine-Romanesque style, the building has been converted into luxury condominium apartments. 

The W. Family contacted us as after they purchased their second apartment next door so they could join them and form one spacious residence. 

As you will see below presented in the Before and After, the space's layout has been completely re-imagined and redesigned to fully optimise the flow and function of each space in the apartment. 

The Living Room

We created a relaxing contemporary family room using a tone and tone color palette and a bright accent color. This added an instant happy note and a lot of style to the room. The apricot color is both refreshing and soothing. The long floor to ceiling drapes  emphasise on the great height of the room and let a lot of natural light in, making it a very sunny room.  The plush rug, the leather ottoman, the linen sofa, the natural fibres of our linen and felt "BonBon Chouval" pillows*** and velvet pillows form an harmonious composition of layers. 

***Soon available online

Anaïs Gibaud