When buying or selling a feng shui house, the buyer or seller needs to know how to promote or how to choose the beneficial features of the home. Even if a buyer does not believe in the feng shui principles, there are still benefits of homes that are designed according to feng shui principles. One reason is that these types of homes are usually very airy and roomy, and every aspect of the home is well thought out. The rooms of the home are also placed in a certain way so that the flow from one room to the next makes sense and is not blocked in any way.


One aspect of feng shui house design is the choice of colors.

The colors in a feng shui home are often in pastels which are considered peaceful and not provoking. The choice in colors might be a deterrent to those that are not fond of pastels, but they can always change the color schemes once the home is their own. The colors that are used in the bedroom of the feng shui house design are usually subdued rather than vibrant because the room should be restful rather than stimulating. The living area of the feng shui house design will usually have more vibrant colors in it, such as reds which represent happiness in a person's life.

Another aspect of feng shui house design is the placement of the rooms and the lack of long hallways.

The family room is the heart of the home and should be spacious and airy without a lot of furniture to get in the way. The master bedroom will be placed away from the entrance of the home so that it is safe and secure. The dining room will always be located by the kitchen and the placement of the stove and sink in the kitchen are also placed very purposefully. In the kitchen, the stove will never be placed so that when the owner works at it he will have his back to the door. It is believed that the cook should be able to work without surprise and so should be able to see every one coming in and out of the kitchen. One other important aspect of feng shui house design is the placement of the bathrooms, which are said to represent the finances of the family. The bathrooms should never be located at the end of a long hallway since hallways are considered to pull Chi down them too quickly and turbulently so that it rushes into the bathroom area where it is flushed down the toilet or goes down the other drains.


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