I have seen the transformation that a house experiences when the kitchen is renovated. As they say, “the kitchen is the heart of a home.” A new kitchen design is often just the thing that is needed to pump more blood back into the circulatory system that is your home.

Making small seem big

I have seen remodeled homes of all sizes. I have seen the difference, in appearance and value that a kitchen remodel can make. Knocking down an adjoining wall will create one big open space, and this alteration invariably gives that home an entirely different feel. It gives the allusion of being in a much larger space, even though the square footage has not changed.

And, it’s not very expensive, nor does it really require many tools or skill. Basically, you’ll need a cat’s paw, maybe a couple hammers and a really strong back. For cleanup however, that’s a whole other story!

Modernizing the outdated

There are some marked differences between East Hampton real estate and Brooklyn real estate, but there is at least one major similarity. Numerous older properties have a lot of charm but are filled with numerous tiny rooms, including the kitchen. Most families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen and living room. They study, eat, and spend time together in these areas. Unfortunately, some kitchens and living rooms are divided up in a way that makes the family feel distant and unconnected. I know I want my home’s living areas to be welcoming and to help bring my family together. Finding a way to open up these divided areas will help encourage that comfort and closeness. Just make sure that your remodeling does not ruin the character of your home.

Replacing a wall with an island is a great way to get rid of that separation between the kitchen and the rest of the home. Some walls are needed in order to support the ceiling, but you can still open up the space by putting a peninsula in.

One major aspect of a room that many people overlook is the trim. Surprisingly, these small segments of a room can greatly affect a home’s feel. A popular trim style is to paint this portion of the room a different color than the walls. This can add some contrast to your décor and can also help merge the style of the rest of the house with your kitchen.

Covering the details

There are other seemingly insignificant details of a kitchen transformation that are often overlooked. Unfortunately, even small details can contribute to the success, or failure, of a remodel. I know I want my kitchen to be attractive, but I realize that, first and foremost, this room must be functional. Kitchens always include space for cooking and cleaning, but a lot of people do not think about the everyday traffic that a kitchen experiences. Think about the placement of appliances, chairs, and entrances – The sink should typically be directly across from the fridge, and your stove should be as far away from the sink as possible.

For folks doing any sort of construction or repair (i.e. removal of a wall), it’s important to remember to patch dry wall holes by mudding repeatedly. This way, you’re not as liable to make these repairs eye-catching.

These details will all influence the setup of a kitchen because they impact how the space is used. You want to make sure that everyday traffic will not interfere with the normal workings of the kitchen.

These general tips are just some of the ways in which a home can be revived through the kitchen. There are plenty more ways in which the design of a new kitchen can merge this room with the rest of the home.

Images: www.modernkitchentrends.com