Seems our daily world has leaned toward taking the easiest path from A to B even when it comes to home decor. Between removable wall decals and solar panel outdoor lighting, today’s home owner can spruce up the house without much effort. However, for most easy solutions, you may not get a lasting effect.  Instead, create a terrarium for a long-lasting, low-maintenance accessory.

Terrariums were accidentally discovered by Dr. Nathaniel Ward in 1827 when he detected the scientific principle behind the self-sustained environments. Over the years, terrariums have changed in shape and size but one thing remained the same, these living works of art are incredible examples of science.

At its core, a terrarium is comprised of a few simple components.  A clear glass or plastic container works best, as tinted or cloudy surfaces reduce light transmittance and interfere with plant growth. And depending on the appearance you wish to achieve, a combination of soil, sand, gravel or rock can be used.  Just a few simple steps creates a self-watering environment created by your own imagination.

Remember there are no rules in terrariums.  Enjoy letting the inner gardner run wild.

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