Deciding on a design style is eerily similar to taking a personality quiz.  Our individual personalities subliminally drive our likes and dislikes in fashion, transportation, advertising and even interior design.

Choose the mood that best describes you: romantic, diverse, adventurous or relaxed.  If diverse tops the list then you tend to enjoy a mismatched eclectic combination of travel artifacts, furniture with history and splashes of color. This design style fuses a medley of different styles into a cohesive design.

To achieve the mismatched look, infuse the space with different finishes.  Notice the marble top coffee table’s base is an antique metal while the sofa and chair are supported by different toned wood finishes.

Stick to one or two main colors in each room. Choosing a neutral paint palate for the walls and the largest furniture pieces allow the accessories and unusual items to tell the story.

Vary styles and scale. The vertical stripe wallpaper and faux, four-post drapery establish linear movement in the room.  And the oval mirrors, the silver lamp bases and curved legs of the coffee table complete the look.

The best thing about an eclectic design is there is no limit to what can be deemed an accessory.  All of your favorites things can be combined to make a truly unique space.

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