Modern French design comes to life through these rooms created by HAND Lyon Interior Design firm. Each room is created through a mix of modern and traditional furniture, textures, lighting and interesting artwork. All the elements collide bringing a sense of warmth to the space.

The majority of the space is cream, yet, different textures are scattered throughout. There’s the marble column and the berber rug. And even more definition in the form of wood paneling and crown molding. Modern sofas with clean tailored lines offset the rounded backs of the dinning room chairs with circular cutouts. Color is lightly introduced by the dramatic artwork, which creates an interesting focal point.

The simple furniture with square lines and classic colors balances the floor-to-ceiling textures.  Exposed wood beams, cobblestone walls and cool grey Flagstone tiles work together to create the right amount of dimension. The chunk of untreated wood, used as an extension of the glass coffee tables, is the final touch. The result: the perfect balance of natural materials and manufactured elements.

The exceptional outdoor view is framed like artwork by a glass wall with functional double doors.  The overall style of the kitchen is clean, simple and modern allowing the spotlight to rest simply in the view.

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