The easiest way to brighten up or add a little extra personality to a room is through the use of accent colors. Color can unite separate rooms such as an entryway and a living space or even create a consistent theme throughout an entire space. Accents also allow the homeowner the chance to experiment with a color that they might typically shy away from. Start by adding pillows, a throw blanket or artwork and let the color splash grow from there.

Certain colors evoke different memories, thoughts or moods. Always consider the mood of the room prior to choosing the right shade to complement.  Red often evokes a romantic or sultry ambiance, green is fresh or crisp and yellow brings on a happy, carefree vibe.

Royal blue is used throughout this space creating a classic, tranquil environment.

The bedroom’s soft seafoam green walls, framed by white crown molding, create a relaxing space. The accent color is used to highlight the glass french double doors in the form of drapes and through pillows and a sophisticated lining on the linens.

A stark white room can be soothing and inviting when you add a bright rug in royal blue.

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