Chances are the weather has you shivering in your boots, perhaps you’re daydreaming of a cozy beach bungalow.

When picturing the quintessential beach home, Malibu might come to mind. This beach home located in Seasalter, UK, however, is the polar opposite in the most comforting way.  The shabby chic style with calming turquoise paint and rustic finishings surround you with elegance at every turn. With a wide-open layout, statement pieces of furniture are the star of the show accented with smaller details full of character. I can almost picture the home owner sauntering toward the beach with flip-flops in tow.

Two main things to adore about this room: the solid wood table that draws your eye to the center of the room and the Robin blue barn doors on the right wall.

Skip the refrigerator and put your child’s painting on a pillow. It’s a brilliant way to add personal details to any space.

Shabby chic is the perfect platform to use both an old-fashioned clock and a modern stainless steel light fixture. What a gorgeous combination.

The mood of the home perfectly reflects the calm ocean and the warm breeze.

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