According to Feng Shui principles doors are known as the "mouth of chi." Energy enters a building through the front door and also through each door in your home and/or office. Personally, I don't believe that Feng Shui is that black or white. If things are going well for you then my belief is to leave things the way they are. However, if you are feeling stuck or opportunities are not coming your way as much as you'd like then take a look at the doors in your home or business and make adjustments.

1. Make sure that all doors open and close easily. If they are stuck or difficult to open, it could hinder opportunities from coming your way.

2. If two doors bang into each other when opened simultaneously, it could lead to arguing. This is known as "bickering doors." If possible, either change the direction of one of the doors, remove one door and replace it with a curtain, or get an accordian or pocket door.

3. Doors that squeak, stick, have broken latches or handles should be repaired.

4. Ideally, doors should open to the widest view of the room.

5. It's not a good idea to hang things in back of a door. This prevents the door from fully opening and suppresses the chi.

6. Please be sure that there's nothing obstructing the doors in your home or office. Piles of clutter should not be in front of any door.

Your front door is the most important door of your home or office. Make sure it's very visible from the street, and no trees or bushes are preventing people from clearly viewing your door.

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