If you are looking for a way to include the “wow” factor in your complete home design, nothing says “Wow” like an indoor wall fountain. Obviously, anyone visiting your home will immediately be drawn to the fountain. It will be the sound of soft, trickling water that will lead them to the fountain.

There may be no better way to relieve stress than to sit and listen to the sounds of water rushing over your wall fountain. The convenience of having a wall fountain will be a genuine consideration since you may enjoy it anytime that you want. With wall fountains, there is no problem with floor space or table space since the wall fountain, by definition, will be mounted on a wall.

A wall fountain can be put just about anywhere including the living room or foyer. Since there are many types of indoor wall fountains on the market, you can rest assured that there is a model that will fit your tastes or style. By far the simplest fountains to install are resin wall fountains since they are very lightweight. Resin is also a very durable material that can be used both inside was well as outside since it can withstand most weather conditions. Resin and fiberglass wall fountains are the best choices when you are dealing with walls that may not be strong enough to carry the load of heavier materials.

It is important to remember that an indoor wall fountain should be installed in close proximity to an electrical outlet. Ideally, you would have an outlet positioned directly behind the wall fountain so that the wiring remains hidden from view. You will use electricity to power the pump so water will flow down the wall fountain; it may also be used to power extra lighting for nighttime illumination. Naturally, a wall fountain should compliment the decor of whatever room it is being installed. If you have a modern theme, you might choose metal-framed wall fountain and glass material. Now if you opt for resin wall fountains, you can get a design that mimics metal but without giving up the lightweight design. A resin-type wall fountain can also be fabricated to look like stone or concrete if you’re working with a style of room that requires this look for your wall fountain. Wall fountains made from resin are less expensive that those made from other materials.

Besides home use, an indoor wall fountain can make a great addition to your office or workspace since the sound of running water is a proven stress reliever. Ample research has shown that having such fountains in the workplace help the employees perform their work more efficiently.    

All fountains, the wall fountain included, offer real health benefits due to their relationship to running water. When the water flows down the wall, it releases negative ions into the air, helping to cleanse the air of contaminants while also adding moisture to it. It can be as effective as the air conditioner during higher temperatures. By using a wall fountain you can create a natural sound barrier that softens other household sounds so you can relax. And last but not least, a fountain is also bringing the essential water element supportive of your carreer, welath and prosperity according to the principles of Feng Shui.

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