A place of entertainment and social gathering, the dining room is where friends and

family come together to enjoy good food and conversation. Families who eat meals

together in this space are likely to have strong bonds and establish good

communication. According to members of the Chinese community, eating feeds the

spirit as well as the physical body.

The basic aim of a dining room is to provide an intimate setting for a social gathering

among friends and family. Using of Feng Shui, the dining room will provide an

environment free of distraction that strengthens every aspect of your life including


and health. Yin personalities must interact with its Yang counterparts in a Feng Shui

dining room. Display decorations that appeal to you and your familyʼs taste and of

course, welcoming to your guests.

Here are some great Feng Shui tips for transforming your dining room into a beautiful

space for social gatherings:


1- Use a round or square table to have more Yang and dynamic Chi energy. An oval

or rectangular table brings gentle energy, optimal for relaxing dinners.

Rectangular tables bring gentle Energy    Credits: Alila Villas Soori 

Rectangular tables bring gentle Energy

Credits: Alila Villas Soori 

2- Choose a wood table. Tables made from wood do not speed up Chi energy. To

increase Yin energy, soft woods such as elm or pine are the best choice for

relaxed family meals. For formal dinners, use tables made from dark woods such

as oak, teak and mahogany.

Elm Dinning table for relaxing family meals   Via www.crdecoration.com

Elm Dinning table for relaxing family meals 

Via www.crdecoration.com

3- Place an even number of chairs around your dining room table, so, the person

sitting in the odd chair isnʼt left out of the conversation.

Via www.westelm.com 

Via www.westelm.com 

4- Select comfortable chairs with a strong back for support.

Via www.homebunch.com

Via www.homebunch.com

5- Use warm rather than cool colors for your dining room décor. Shades of red,

orange, burgundy, yellow, brown and cream are more conducive to the nourishing

and enjoyable experience of eating than are cool shades of grey, blue and green.

Via www.domainehome.com 

Via www.domainehome.com 

6- Adorn the buffet or sideboard with fresh flowers or fruits to bring abundance in all

areas of your life.

Via  @mademadedesign 

Via  @mademadedesign 

7- Display a crystal chandelier over the center of the dining table. This will help to

balance Chi in the room.

Architect: Xavier Donck & Partners

Architect: Xavier Donck & Partners

8- Put a mirror on the wall over the buffet or sideboard, reflecting the table. The

reflection of the food on the table, symbolizes wealth and abundance for the

household. Excellent energy expanders, mirrors enhance the healthy Chi energy

produced by food.

Via www.greigedesign.com

Via www.greigedesign.com

9- -Choose yellow rather than blue-based lighting which encourages the appetite.

The lighting style and effect should reinforce the energy and style.

10--Use candles to gently energize the dining room and create intimates settings for

parties and romantic meals for two.

Via www.moderncountry.blogspot.ca

Via www.moderncountry.blogspot.ca



1- Have too much furniture. The room should not be cramped, but easy to navigate

around the dining table.

2- Display too many accessories. Excessive accessorizing distract from the main activit

of enjoying of a meal with friends and family.

3- Display clocks and calendars, so time pressures from the day donʼt carry over to the


4-Use broken, chipped or cracked dishes or glasses. The dishes you serve your food in

increase your prosperity and abundance. Ornate or expensive looking dishes carry

wealth luck. Chinese or Asian dishes with fish designs or other wealth related designs

improve wealth energy.

5-Keep old, tarnished silverware, torn napkins and discolored place-mats



-Use a tablecloth rather than individual place mats, bringing closeness among the


--Make sure the dining table doesnʼt have any hard edged corners.