According to feng shui, the placement of your desk can impact how you feel while working in your office. If possible, follow these dos and don'ts in arranging your desk:


  • Do place your desk diagonally across from the doorway-this will allow you a clear line of vision.
  • Do place your desk so that you're sitting with your back to a wall or corner-this will create a sense of security. If you absolutely have to sit with your back to the door, hang a mirror in front of you or angled above your desk so that you can see anyone walking into the room.
  • Do position your desk facing into the room rather than facing a wall. If you decide to place your desk flat up against a wall, it is best if a window is to your left if you're right-handed, and to your right if you're left-handed.


  • Don't place your desk so that your back is to the door-this will cause you to be jumpy, easily startled, and distracted because you never know who's behind you or you'll feel like you're being stabbed in the back.
  • Don't place your desk so that your back is against a full wall of windows-this position may make you feel as though nothing solid is backing you up.
  • Don't place your desk in the center of the room-you will lose power and authority.
  • Don't place your desk directly in line with the door, either facing it or with it to your side--you will receive the full force of energy coming into the room and you may feel confused or agitated.
  • Don't place your desk flat up against a window so that you face directly out. The only situation in which it is good to place your desk against a window, provided no one can look in at you, is if you face due north-considered a prosperous direction-when looking directly out. 
  • Don't position your desk where you feel cramped, confined, have a limited field of vision, or where there is a passageway behind you.