Why do some people feel wealthy with a few dollars and others poor with Millions? The answer is: Attitude. Wealth is a state of mind!

There is an endless pool of wealth in the universe, enough for everyone; you can have everything you desire. You just need to think you have abundance and prosperity around you. And the place to start with is actually inside your home.

Feng Shui used properly in the Prosperity area of your home could create many changes in your life, you could:

Get a raise

Receive unexpected money

Make more money with your business

Have money to go on a dream vacation

Acquire a stable income

Increase wealth for good things in life

Find inner peace and true happiness with what you have in life

There are three main steps you need to consider in order to create more wealth:

1- Define your intentions

2- Locate and create areas that will boost your financial success

3- Study your attitude about money.

Defining your intentions:

1- Know what you want: The strength of your intention is what makes your success with Feng Shui. If you are enthusiastic and excited with an idea or a project, your energy level is so much higher than if you don’t really believe in it. When you focus on an unsatisfactory situation, your energy becomes stuck there. You need to approach things with optimism, confidence, enthusiasm and panache! This helps keeping the energy high to feed the project.

2- Make a list of things that you desire or want to achieve. Doing this helps you clarify your intentions. So be bold! Take a notepad or open a new document on your computer and make a list of 108 things you want to do or have in your life (It sounds like a lot but it is a multiple of 9: the Feng Shui Lucky number). Each time you achieve one you should cross it off and send your thanks to God or the Universe.

3- Make affirmations of what you want or where you want to be like though you are already there. Good examples are “My financial resources are increasing steadily every day”, “I always have what is necessary for my family”, “Money comes to me regularly and easily”, etc…

It is important to clarify your intentions to reach your objectives. Feng Shui will help you to do so in different steps.

A true experience of prosperity is determined not by how much money you have, but by how well you notice and enjoy what is already present in your life. As you de-clutter, repair, and accessorize your wealth area keep in mind your final intentions and be positive about the path that you are taking to bring abundance in your life. You will start by celebrating being rich in friends and family, rich with good moments, rich with ideas then material blessings will come to you as well.

You will find all tips for the practical and spiritual ways of growing your wealth on the “Growing your wealth with Feng Shui” articles series.

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