Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese technique used to improve a person's life by using the positive energy created by the heaven and the earth. It's believed that the type of furnishing you have in your home and their location can have a positive or a negative effect on the quality of your

life. Which brings us to the question can a headboard increase your home's Feng Shui?

According to the beliefs surrounding Feng Shui the answer is yes. It is believed that headboard designs can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep.Everything that is associated with Feng Shui is connected to the five elements listed below:

1. Earth

2. Fire

3. Water

4. Wood

5. Metal

The headboard designs that are recommended for Feng Shui are those that match up with the five elements and the shape of the headboard is very significant.

Headboard Shapes

The shape of the headboard should be matched to a person's personality and/or profession in order to receive the most positive energy. Below are the five shapes recommended for use with Feng Shui along with a few of the designs that should be avoided.

- Square - The square shape promotes stability and is a great choice for all professionals and people connected to the wood or earth elements.

- Rectangle - This shape also promotes stability and is a great choice for people connected to the wood or earth elements. Any type of professional can benefit from this shape.

- Round - The round shaped headboard is recommended for office workers or anyone that deals with paperwork of any kind. The round shape is most often associated with the metal element.

- Oval - Associated with the element water the oval shape is recommended for musicians, artists and other professions that involve creativity.

- Wave - The wave is also associated with the element water and is perfect for anyone whose profession involves creativity.

The shapes listed above are all recommended to increase the positive energy flow and promote a good night sleep. However, there are a few headboard designs that should be avoided. The angular shape is one of these because it's associated with the element fire and it's not recommended for anyone when it comes to headboards. Open designs arenon-supportive and not used in Feng Shui decorating.

Other headboard designs that are not recommended include any design that has sharp objects or "arrows" pointing in your direction. These are said to promote negativity and violence. Styles that resemble tombstones promote restlessness and thoughts of death. Mirrored headboards tend to interfere with the positive energy fields and reduce the effectiveness created by Feng Shui.

Other Things to Consider

When considering headboard designs for use with Feng Shui, the material used can be a factor even though the shape is more of an issue than the material used to make it. The majority of headboards are made from wood and metal. Wood is considered to be stable while metal seems to benefitthose whose profession deals with office work.

After carefully considering which headboard design is best for you, take some time to find the best position for your bed. The positioning is very important when trying to get the most benefits from the Feng Shui decorating. A couple of the basic rules to follow include placing the headboard against a solid wall in the room and positioning the bed where you can see the door but where you're not aligned with it.

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