Can decorating save an apartment so tattered and worn out without ripping off half of your savings? The answer is, YES. Any place, no matter how scruffy, is redeemable with the simplest decorating ideas. It’s all about colors, accents and resourcefulness.

First, you have to settle for a color and/or a theme. Once you have a color scheme, it’ll be easy to select decorations and furniture that will complete the look. Look for colors that appeal to you. Most people go for their favorites. Select a shade that will meet your decorating purpose.

In a small space light colors rule. Before you begin painting, tape off the trim and the wainscot. The darkest of your colors is applied to the walls. A clever selection of contrasting beige tones works well on the walls and trim. Stand back, and after admiring your work, sit cross legged on the floor, open your lap top and search for local thrift or second hand furniture stores.

Buying furniture can be a cheap venture. You live in the city, right? Then I’m certain there are numerous thrift shops and antique stores where you can find good deals without breaking your pocket. Look for comfortable pieces. If there’s one that is so cozy you don’t want to ever get up from lounging on it (you were testing its comfort factor) but looks terrible, go get it before someone else who doesn’t mind does. I’m serious! Just buy slipcovers that are mostly affordable anyway or cover with new upholstery. Done!

The same is true for adorning the walls with artworks. You can achieve the same results with using cheaper items. Thrift stores have a lot of wall hangings and paintings that are not insanely priced as exhibit paintings. A framed poster and a framed photograph make great alternatives.

Lastly, don’t forget your floor decors - area rugs. With any theme and motif, you’ll surely find a suitable area rug to complete the design. Furthermore, an area rug can also be used as a wall hanging, so if you’re after a unique decor, the area rug is an ideal choice.


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