Know what you want: The strength of your intention is what makes your success with Feng Shui. If you are enthusiastic and excited with an idea or a project, your energy level is so much higher than if you don’t really believe in it. When you focus on an unsatisfactory situation, your energy becomes stuck there. You need to approach things with optimism, confidence, enthusiasm and panache! This helps keeping the energy high to feed the project. 


A great way to help you define what you want and actually manifesting your desires in your life is by using visualization.

To help visualize your dreams and desires, you can use a vision board that can be a simple foam or cork board where you place a happy picture of you and words, images, photographs, quotes of the things you want to attract in your life.

Some people even have their vision board on their computer screen saver or even their iphone...



Important thing to remember, place  your vision board where you can see it on a daily basis at home or at the office and look at it everyday. It will help you realize what you really want.


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