The term “bagua” is derived from the book of the I-Ching, a sacred text used to tell the future. But while the word may sound foreign or unfamiliar to you, ‘Feng Shui Bagua’ is one of the most basic and fundamental tools of Feng Shui.

An ancient Chinese term “bagua” means “eight areas” (“ba”=eight, “gua”=area) and Feng Shui bagua is a map or chart that relates the various areas of your life to the 8 sections of your living space. These eight main sections of a space are represented by what are known as “guas” of the bagua map. The bagua map can also have a ninth center section that corresponds to the 8 major corresponding life areas. So in this way the layout of bagua map shows the nine main energy centers that we value the most. 

The energy map is placed over a floor plan of the space. With the help of the map, Feng Shui Practitioners can emphasize and pinpoint the areas which need immediate attention so that they can be enhanced by Feng Shui practice. 

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