The Metal element is a very positive yang element. It is usually represented by hard, flat, shiny surfaces that encourage Chi energy flow to circulate faster and easier. The Metal element is also a very supportive element that carries the water element. Imagine a river supported by the crystals and natural metals to run its course.

The Metal element is represented by the white color. This is a pure, protective color that helps make rooms seem more open and spacious. Also metals such as iron, silver, chrome, copper, gold are linked to the Metal energies.

According to the Bagua energy map, the Metal element supports the areas of children and creativity as well as the mentors, friends and advisors of your life. Metal is a very reliable force that helps with the cleansing of your mind.

Here are 10 ways to bring the Metal element into your space:

1- Use silver or gold bowls for more Metal energy

2- Use Metal planters

3- Display around white pillows or metallic colored pillows

4- Choose white upholstery fabrics for your sofa and chairs.

5- Buy soft furnishing which have round, oval or circular patterns on.

6- Display pictures in black and white or metallic frames on.

7- Paint your room in white or soft pastel color 

8- Include metal accessories in your decor

9- Have metallic furniture and door finishes such as knobs, handles and trims.

10- Display white flowers on your table.

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