The Fire element is associated with South and the season of summer. It is symbolized by lights, candles and the red color.

Red is a very passionate, romantic and vibrant color that will always make a  big impression in a room.

To bring romance and passionate relationships, this is a great color to use in your bedroom or to set up a romantic dining table.    

Also, the Fire element is a great way to boost your fame and recognition area which is a fantastic area of the Bagua to activate if you have a profession in the public eye or if you are an artist, actor, writer, singer, designer who needs public recognition and fame.

Everyone needs recognition for what they do and the work they produce!


Here are 10 ways of bringing Fire element into your space to gain recognition or boost the passion around you:

1- Have a fireplace wether gas, electrical or wood to enhance the fire energy.

2- Display pink or red candles around the room.

3- Add red throws and pillows to boost fire energy

4- Display pink, orange and red flowers to lift up the room.

5- Place floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lamps throughout the space to lift the energy level.

6- Use accessories in star shapes or triangular shapes to signify fire element

7- Bring in soft furnishing for your window treatments or pillows with triangular or star shapes motifs. 

8- Display art work with red colors and shades to lift the room energy.

9- Install a comfortable sofa or accent chairs in red tones to strengthen the energy.

10- Display a selection of red objects .

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