The Wood element relates to green and brown colors. It is an element that represents growth. It is always restful and grounding to have wood in an environment. It has a lot of energy. It represents all living trees and plants.

 The areas in the home associated with the wood elements are family area and the wealth and prosperity area, according to the Bagua energy map.

If you you want to boost the family finances or want to promote the general well being of your family, place some wooden items, plants and fresh flowers in your environment.  Also designing a room with shades of green reinforces the power of wood element and prevents family upsets and fights. 

In design, we often say: “ Bring the outside in” for more nature inside your home. 

Here are 10 ways to bring the wood element into your space:

1- Use rectangular shape furniture such as a rectangular wooden dining or coffee table

2- Display wood carving statues or art pieces

3- Paint your walls in green

4- Choose fabrics with vertical stripes as these represent wood element

5- Use green pattern rugs, pillows or shades.

6- Display fruits in a wooden bowl on your kitchen counter or dining table

7- Introduce house plants in your space to lift the energy and reduce pollutants. Ensure they are always healthy and well maintained.

8- Display fresh flowers.

9- Display your family photos in wooden photo frames.

10- Serve food in green china to increase wood energy in the kitchen or dining room.

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