The Water element is associated with  blue and black colors. Blue also brings a beautiful sky in mind, calmness, turquoise seas. It also represents coolness of a space, relaxation and having more a of leisurely time. 

The water element also connects to flowing water. The wonderful trickling sound of running water is very soothing mentally and emotionally.

The energies of the water element is supportive of the career area of your home or the life journey. Just imagine a flowing river, mingling, finding her path through nature, bringing things on her way.

In a business the water element brings opportunities for new business and growth. This is a very important element that determine the future of a business. Essential to introduce into your space.

Here are 10 examples of how to bring more Water energy in your space:

1- Display an aquarium or a fish bowl 

2- Put up a running water feature in your space, ideally in the entrance or wealth area. 

3- Buy soft furnishing and fabrics with wavy or cloudy patterns and designs to symbolize water.

4- Have blue accessories on display.

5- Display fresh flowers or flowering plants with blue  tints.

6- Buy a wavy black coffee table, console or shelving.

7- Display glass wear  or crystals wear.

8- Put up a crystal chandelier.

9- Have blue blue or black pieces of furniture.

10- Display some black carved statues or art work which represent water such the ocean or a river. 

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