By increasing energy flow, people who introduce Feng Shui into their home improve general well being and family relationships. In addition, they enhance other areas of their life such as career, love life and financial prospects.

The principle of Feng Shui is that if you improve your home or any space you work in, it will reflect positively in your body and in your spirit.

The Chi needs to move freely into your home to nourish every area of your home to benefit you. If the current of energy meet blockages such as clutter, too much furniture of a bad layout,the chi flow will be impeded, creating a detrimental effect for people living in this home.

There are many ways for improving the Chi energy of your home. 

One is to improve the layout of your space by imagining that you are a river that needs to find a pleasant way to travel throughout your home starting from your front door.

Another way is to eliminate clutter by getting rid off things you no longer need or love.

One more way is to do space clearing to purify the atmosphere. Most people would have a space clearing following a spring- cleaning of their interiors. 

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