No design is complete without beautiful accessories.


Using a few bold looking accents in shape and texture will give a feel of grandeur and character to your room. It is also better to use a nice big statement  and give a clean elegant look using one accessory than several little pieces that actually create clutter. 


Using the whole height of the room is important to give a wider visual. Your window treatments should start at the ceiling, your closet should use all height, your accessories help by being long tall ones rather than just wide.

Pay attention to pictures and objects in your surrounding. All your artwork has to be supportive of your goals or of your ideal life or inspirational to you.  If you are looking to attract a relationship for example, avoid having photos and pictures of  a single man or woman. Display couples or art that represents romance or unity to you instead  And only have what you absolutely love around you so you make sure your view is always pleasing to you and that there is no bad feelings holding you back. 



Finally, always introduce moving and leaving things like plants, water fountains, mobiles. They always make great accents and add life and personality to your space. 

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