Sometimes taken for granted, it is one of the most important elements of any building. Staircases link two or more floors and can be built and finished of different kinds of materials. From modern and simple to grand and elaborate, architects and designers are drawing up unique ways to bridge vertical distances. But what about their look? You can actually decorate the staircase in your home and let it be a showcase of your personality!

Usually unnoticed, when interior decorating your home, this area of the house plays an important role in the day-to-day lifestyle. Do you sit on the stairs to talk or to put your shoes on in the morning? Are the stairs used as a holding area for clothes to be put away or items to remember to bring with the next morning? The staircase may welcome guests or be part of the last part of your day. Here are unique designs to show you how to decorate a staircase to bring personality, décor, and pizzazz up and down.

Staircase with an orange runner

Happy and  Beautiful looking this staircase with orange runner! Look very grandiose...

Comfortable staircases look in one of my clients home- Marie Burgos Design

Multicolor staircases

Multicolor and fun these house staircases!

Staicase with Light blue runner

Soft beach house feel with this Staircases with Light blue runner.

Staircases with Light grey runner

This painted runner give a very chic look to these staircases. The orange accent is a beautiful addition.

Staircases with runner and rope

These very long Staircases showcase a beautiful runner with shades of  beige, tan and chocolate, still showing the rich shiny wooden  steps. The  creative rope option chosen as a handrail  adds functionality and chic to the decor.

Staircases with multicolor runner

Multicolor runner on these traditional staircases- Very unexpected, fun and beautiful!

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