Color not only brings personality to a space but color also improve your home energy. 

The most important thing there is to know is: only use colors you love! 

They can be applied to your walls, your soft furnishing, and your furniture in various shades. 

They can be vivid or subtle, applied on whole surfaces or as accents in little object. If you are not sure which colors to apply, choose a favorite object, or go in your closet and see what color you wear that make you happy and use it as a guide.

For your home design, you can adopt different color options to create different feels.


Choosing light and pastel cool colors will make a space feel bigger. The space will feel more open and free from dark corners. The light colors are blues, greens and whites. 

You can choose to create a simple theme using monochromatic colors to help make the space feel bigger. Using the same color or shades for your walls and furniture will give a feel of continuity and wont make a break that will accentuate the proportions of the room. 




With Feng Shui, you will discover that certain colors are more beneficial to certain areas of your home and life.

Red, White, Pink, peach are marriage and romance colors.  

Green, Purple, Red and Gold are the colors of prosperity and abundance

Black and blue are for career and knowledge


Yellow, white and orange are for creativity and children.


Green and brown support family relations


Health is supported by green and blue


Every color has a meaning so they really need to be used accordingly. For more information on Interior Design and Feng Shui and to book a consultation, email or call 917-353-9149