Comfort can be find in shapes, in textures and throughout the space lay out.

Designing your space in Feng Shui style means to promote the feeling of calm and relaxation.

A fundamental part of practicing Feng Shui is balancing the opposing forces yin and yang. 

Yin is female, dark and passive, while yang is seen as everything male, bright, and positive.  The Tai Chi symbol shows the unity of yin and yang. One cannot exist without the other.






In the home, yin and yang must be balanced for perfect harmony. In your living area, for example, you need to balance hard yang items such as hardwood tables, mirrors, and glass vases with soft yin pillows, curtains, throws, and rugs. If you have too many yin or yang accessories, there will be an energy imbalance. 



 2- Also more circular, rounded and wavy shapes suggest comfort in the space. So you want to make sure you pair clean square and rectangular lines with some curves to soften and balance a look.  Circular shapes bring intimacy, softness and comfort to a space.




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