Creating the perfect layout in a small or a large apartment involves the same main rules. The objective is to create a practical, bright, inviting and comfortable space. 


As an Interior Designer, I follow very strict guidelines that even the most famous designers use.


One of the most common complaints I hear from my clients is, "My home needs help. Nothing feels pulled together!" The reason is simple: Most people aren't aware of the importance of balance when it comes to interior design and Feng Shui. They may obsess about finding the perfect paint, the furniture style that truly represents their personality, or the fabric that will wear best on their sofas and chairs. And yet, it never occurs to them that adding pairs to their house or apartment will make the space feel less chaotic.

Every room looks better and feels more balanced if it is decorated with matching pairs.

Often, in magazines, best looking designs are the ones which are balanced with 2 lamps, 2 chairs, pillows by pair. This creates harmony. 

Balance goes toward creating a more Zen-like environment.

Also a larger piece of furniture instead of several smaller pieces create that vision of a larger space. You can for instance use a large L shape sofa in a cool color matching your walls in place of small seats displayed at different places in the room. It will give this more organized and wider  feel to the room. A bigger piece of furniture really anchor the room.

So wether it is for entertaining or for yourself,you want to make sure you are creating this perfect layout. It will really help you be comfortable in your space, finding it not only beautiful  but also practical.


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