Here is the NY dream loft apartment! If you have lots of space, like here. You can definitely have great Feng Shui and flow of energy by having each room designed for one function. So you would emphasize each area of your life with Feng Shui.

For instance: Your bedroom can be supporting your romance and marriage area, Your kitchen can support health and prosperity, your living area can support family, your entrance will support career and opportunities.

But of course, not everyone has a huge apartment especially in NYC. Lots of people live in smaller spaces such as one bedroom apartments, studios or even a single room.




For smaller spaces, a great way to define areas and help with designing your perfect lay out is to use partitions, book shelves or consoles so you are not constricted. 

It creates a beautiful look with a view and helps the chi energy circulate around.


Also for creating a perfect layout and get the support from Feng Shui, furniture should never be pushed up against the walls.

For some reason lots of people think that they create more space when stacking their furniture against the walls. Actually, they block the Chi energy, usually add clutter in the center of the room to fill it up and the space lacks of defined areas. 

Depending on how you place your furniture, you help or block the Chi energy circulate around the room. By having your furniture in the wrong place, you might block new opportunities to come into your life. 


You want to create a conversational area, a working area, a relaxing area or this play area... you always dreamt of.

Also, creating separate areas when displaying your seating and furniture are always a great way to raise the energy level and the harmony of your space.


To be continued...


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