As a Feng Shui expert and Interior Designer, I always advise people to first define how they see their ideal life, then I help them with setting up a home that is supportive of their goals and desires. 

Wether you live in a single room or a big house, the rules for making your space bright and inviting and comfortable and reflecting your personality and type of life are the same.


Throughout all my designs, I use Feng Shui to bring space enhancements that help you embrace the place you live in. So this space corresponds to who you want to be and how you want to live.

I have put together some great designer tips to design your home with Feng Shui that you will discover in the next few days so stay tune!

Conquer Clutter

What is clutter? Clutter is this thing that creates blockages in our  NY homes and prevent the Chi energy to nourish your home and life.

Clutter in any part of the home slows down the energy flow and creates chaos that affects all the family, but when it is stored in certain areas it can have a particularly detrimental effect.

You must keep the entrance of your home clear of any clutter. It is called the mouth of Chi. It should have lots of light and be open to welcome chi.


A cluttered room is a sure sign that Chi energy is stuck so the people living in that space are certainly missing out on life opportunities. Also, clutter creates confusion, stress and  can even affect your health. Clutter also make you loose time and everyone knows that time is money.

The thing with clutter ...it leaves no room for opportunities. So get organized!

The benefits: your space is more inviting and nice to live in. It is spacious, energetic, well organized, stream lined. The chi energy circulates much better and goes around your space to nourish all your home and create life opportunities.

A small room will always look bigger the less clutter you have displayed so ensure you get organized. 

 It is important to get rid of things you do not longer use, need  or love. And give them away or sell them. 

Once you have cleared up the space, they are lots of ways to control clutter. 

1-Organizing closets and cabinets with baskets and small boxes, only keeping the necessary are also helpful ways to get clutter free. Having sliding doors in front of armoires or open storage to put away the maximum items. 

2- Having furniture with double functions like a table with large drawers for storage.  

3- Using transparent furniture or accessories. For instance, You can choose a  glass coffee tables which gives the vision that there is more space in your room.



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